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Roivant Sciences - ROIV

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    ROIV Vol: 24.0M

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SPAC Stats

Market Cap: 7.3G
Average Volume: 3.0M
52W Range: $2.87 - $10.12
Weekly %: +2.44%
Monthly %: +3.54%
Inst Owners: 0


🕵Stocktwit Mentions

PennPilot posted at 2023-06-21T14:05:50Z

$ROIV heh. $13, my ass

MarketBeat posted at 2023-06-21T11:31:26Z

Roivant Sciences's overweight rating reiterated at Cantor Fitzgerald. $ROIV

MarkAlerts posted at 2023-06-21T02:16:16Z

$ROIV set up

arthura posted at 2023-06-21T01:10:42Z

$ROIV I think she’s all in...F’it, I am!!!

Pianomemo posted at 2023-06-20T16:46:39Z

$ROIV This can fly with the approval from $ARGX Immunovant second generation FcRn 💪

STCKPRO posted at 2023-06-20T16:27:33Z

$ROIV NEW ARTICLE : Roivant Sciences (ROIV) Gets a Buy from Cantor Fitzgerald

Doozio posted at 2023-06-20T16:24:49Z

$ROIV 🧠👀

RonIsWrong posted at 2023-06-20T16:24:36Z

$ROIV if it can crack that $10 spot, it may get more fun over here

erevnon posted at 2023-06-20T15:01:35Z

Cantor Fitzgerald reiterates Roivant Sciences $ROIV at Overweight and maintains a price target of

Dubds posted at 2023-06-16T19:41:17Z

$ROIV moment of truth

PennPilot posted at 2023-06-16T17:29:56Z

$ROIV it's garbage

A_Train1 posted at 2023-06-16T16:31:12Z

$ROIV I guess this is the day that one puts the phone down and don’t look at things on a daily. Happy Father’s Day, Everyone!

PennPilot posted at 2023-06-16T16:05:41Z

$PLCE $ROIV $RIVN all getting smashed today, dam

raleigh_trader posted at 2023-06-16T01:06:51Z

$RXDX and $ROIV should be right at beck and neck market cap. Same indication, similar use, same stage of trials, same clinical results. If RXDX 9.5B is the number then let’s find ROIV around $12 and sell out. Both would be poised for a little more juice if it gets approved maybe pull up towards 12B cap

brs555 posted at 2023-06-15T21:22:50Z

$ROIV Falcon Heavy early morning Wednesday.

BrenFal0919 posted at 2023-06-15T20:20:47Z

$ROIV next time we pass 10 it holds for good. No more sec filings about selling please 😲

Dr_Stoxx posted at 2023-06-15T19:56:43Z

$ROIV above 10 and she'll fly. Almost there.

A_Train1 posted at 2023-06-15T16:40:28Z

$ROIV that 9.80 is a resistance point. Happens to be my breakeven. Keeps touching it and then drop. Been like that for weeks.

brs555 posted at 2023-06-15T16:17:40Z

$ROIV It amazes me that with all the companies this company is involved with that there's not more news!? WTH Come on MATT!

Dr_Stoxx posted at 2023-06-15T15:43:24Z

$ROIV -- 10 then 13.

tickeron posted at 2023-06-14T13:31:59Z

$ROIV was the market's top winner yesterday, jumping +3.82%

Marconaki1979 posted at 2023-06-14T10:58:49Z

$ROIV I nice 50 cent move today would be much appreciated

AntMan81 posted at 2023-06-14T02:19:02Z

@biovested @renoH4 my dream scenario, cash deal for HBV to $ABBV , they love easy reoccurring revenue. 5bil sound fair, disperse to shareholders. $ROIV wins LNP suit against $MRNA and $PFE, buys the patents in an all stock deal, 5-1 is acceptable.

cctranscripts posted at 2023-06-14T01:33:29Z

Roivant Sciences Ltd. insider just cashed-in 43,893 options $ROIV

Quantisnow posted at 2023-06-14T01:32:18Z

$ROIV 📜 SEC Form 4 filed by Kumar Rakhi 45 seconds delayed.

risenhoover posted at 2023-06-14T01:31:32Z

Insider Rakhi Kumar reports selling 43,893 shares of $ROIV for a total cost of $435,857.49

LargeCapKing posted at 2023-06-13T23:15:23Z

$ROIV can we get this OVER $10+ tomorrow? $SPY $QQQ

Dr_Stoxx posted at 2023-06-13T19:35:56Z

$ROIV will fly over $10. We're long in the Room.

Dr_Stoxx posted at 2023-06-13T19:21:30Z

$ROIV set an alert on the break of $10.

Flexed1ga posted at 2023-06-13T18:39:06Z

$ROIV as I'm new, is this pattern frequent? Close in on $10, surpass, retreat?

SEC Filings

Form Type Form Description Filing Date Document Link
SC 13G/A 2022-02-14
SC 13G/A SCHEDULE 13G/A 2021-10-12
15-12B 15-12B 2021-10-12
4 FORM 4 SUBMISSION 2021-10-04
4 FORM 4 SUBMISSION 2021-10-04
4 FORM 4 SUBMISSION 2021-10-04
4 FORM 4 SUBMISSION 2021-10-04
4 FORM 4 SUBMISSION 2021-10-04
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-10-01
25-NSE 2021-09-30
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-09-29
SC 13G 2021-09-27
425 425 2021-09-21
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-09-21
10-Q 10-Q 2021-08-16
DEFM14A DEFM14A 2021-08-10
425 425 2021-08-02
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-08-02
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-07-22
425 FORM 8-K 2021-07-22
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-07-01
425 FORM 8-K 2021-07-01
425 425 2021-06-25
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-06-25
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-06-21
425 FORM 8-K 2021-06-21
425 425 2021-06-09
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-06-09
425 425 2021-06-09
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-06-09
10-Q FORM 10-Q 2021-05-20
NT 10-Q NT 10-Q 2021-05-17
SC 13G SC 13G 2021-05-17
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-05-17
425 FORM 8-K 2021-05-17
10-K/A FORM 10-K/A 2021-05-14
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-05-14
425 FORM 425 2021-05-03
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-05-03
425 FORM 8-K 2021-05-03
10-K FORM 10-K 2021-03-22
SC 13G 2021-02-26
SC 13G SC 13G 2021-02-11
SC 13G/A 2021-01-22
8-K FORM 8-K 2020-11-25
4 4 2020-11-20
4 4 2020-11-20
10-Q FORM 10-Q 2020-11-19
8-K FORM 8-K 2020-11-18
8-K FORM 8-K 2020-10-16
SC 13G 2020-10-16
8-K FORM 8-K 2020-10-13
424B4 424B4 2020-10-09
CERT 2020-10-08
3 3 2020-10-08
3 3 2020-10-07
3 3 2020-10-07
3 3 2020-10-07
3 3 2020-10-07
EFFECT 2020-10-06
8-A12B 8-A12B 2020-10-06
S-1/A S-1/A 2020-09-28
S-1/A S-1/A 2020-09-24
S-1 S-1 2020-09-15
DRS 2020-07-31