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Nexters Inc. - GDEV

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    GDEV Vol: 5.5K

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SPAC Stats

Market Cap: 1.5G
Average Volume: 89.9K
52W Range: $6.40 - $13.25
Weekly %: -8.46%
Monthly %: +6.80%
Inst Owners: 16


Description: Nexters Inc. operates as a game development company worldwide. It also offers mobile games. The company is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus.

Industry: Electronic Gaming & Multimedia


🕵Stocktwit Mentions

Wallstreetbets_redditor posted at 2022-01-12T12:44:01Z


SellerHighBuyerLow posted at 2022-01-05T14:39:23Z

First play paying off thus far in $MSGM like I said year of the video game! $GME $GDEV $EA $ATVI

shortablestocks posted at 2022-01-03T14:05:36Z

$GDEV is short sale restricted for 2022-01-03.

SellerHighBuyerLow posted at 2021-12-30T15:14:12Z

$MSGM is up 11% today on 2.5k volume. Talk about wild manipulation… Or maybe 2022 will be the year of video games and eSports. Some other players include: $EA $ATVI $GDEV $GME

Wallstreetbets_redditor posted at 2021-12-28T14:33:25Z


Wallstreetbets_redditor posted at 2021-12-26T18:49:23Z

$GDEV check out the hero wars app on reddit

Wallstreetbets_redditor posted at 2021-12-25T23:30:31Z

$BB $gdev play Nexters' hero wars on your blackberry

Wallstreetbets_redditor posted at 2021-12-25T22:57:49Z

$HOOD $GDEV now available to trade on Robinhood app. Discover Nexters' achievements in 2021 here

Wallstreetbets_redditor posted at 2021-12-25T11:55:02Z

$GME $GDEV Fellow gamers, Hero Wars is released on the Huawei app

Wallstreetbets_redditor posted at 2021-12-23T11:08:51Z

$GDEV investor meeting nov 2021

Wallstreetbets_redditor posted at 2021-12-22T20:08:48Z

$GDEV Santa clause rally coming !

shortablestocks posted at 2021-12-20T16:56:16Z

Zero shares available to short currently in $GDEV.

Quantisnow posted at 2021-12-20T14:32:03Z

$GDEV 📜 SEC Form S-8 filed by Nexters Inc. 45 seconds delayed.

ChartMill posted at 2021-12-05T13:17:00Z

When comparing the current price to the book value of $GDEV, it is valued rather cheaply.

shortablestocks posted at 2021-12-03T16:44:07Z

Zero shares available to short currently in $GDEV.

shortablestocks posted at 2021-12-02T16:38:51Z

Zero shares available to short currently in $GDEV.

shortablestocks posted at 2021-12-01T16:39:45Z

Zero shares available to short currently in $GDEV.

shortablestocks posted at 2021-12-01T14:36:59Z

$GDEV is short sale restricted for 2021-12-01.

STCKPRO posted at 2021-11-30T15:22:44Z

$GDEV NEW ARTICLE : Nexters launches Island Questaway game

fla posted at 2021-11-30T14:26:22Z

$GDEV [15s. delayed] filed form 424B3 on November 30, 09:25:01

Newsfilter posted at 2021-11-30T14:25:36Z

$GDEV Form 424B3 (prospectus [rule 424(b)(3)]) filed with the SEC

risenhoover posted at 2021-11-30T14:23:32Z

$GDEV / Nexters files form 6-K

fla posted at 2021-11-30T14:23:20Z

$GDEV [15s. delayed] filed form 6-K on November 30, 09:21:53

Quantisnow posted at 2021-11-30T14:23:20Z

$GDEV 📜 SEC Form 6-K filed by Nexters Inc. 45 seconds delayed.

Newsfilter posted at 2021-11-30T14:22:31Z

$GDEV Form 6-K (report of foreign issuer [rules 13a-16 and 15d-16]) filed with the SEC

Stonkmoon posted at 2021-11-30T14:04:31Z

$GDEV 2021-11-30 09:00 ET Nexters launches Island Questaway, a new adventure game, to increase casual gaming share Nexters Inc.

Quantisnow posted at 2021-11-30T14:00:49Z

$GDEV 📰 Nexters launches Island Questaway, a new adventure game, to increase casual gaming share 45 seconds delayed.

Stock_Titan posted at 2021-11-30T14:00:12Z

$GDEV Nexters launches Island Questaway, a new adventure game, to increase casual gaming share

Newsfilter posted at 2021-11-30T14:00:08Z

$GDEV Nexters launches Island Questaway to increase casual gaming share

shortablestocks posted at 2021-11-29T14:21:44Z

$GDEV is short sale restricted for 2021-11-29.

Holder Stats

1 0
% of Shares Held by All Insider 3.44%
% of Shares Held by Institutions 0.30%
% of Float Held by Institutions 0.31%
Number of Institutions Holding Shares 16

Mutual Fund Holders

Holder Shares Date Reported Value % Out
Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index Fund 26804 2021-10-30 228370 0.01

Institutional Holders

Reporting Date Hedge Fund Shares Held Market Value % of Portfolio Quarterly Change in Shares Ownership in Company
2021-11-16 Citadel Advisors LLC 11,184 $74,000 0.0% 0 0.006%
2021-11-15 Penserra Capital Management LLC 8,814 $58,000 0.0% 0 0.004%
2021-11-12 Credit Suisse AG 53,328 $350,000 0.0% 0 0.027%
2021-11-12 Geode Capital Management LLC 26,804 $180,000 0.0% 0 0.014%

SEC Filings

Form Type Form Description Filing Date Document Link
S-8 FORM S-8 2021-12-20
424B3 424B3 2021-11-30
6-K FORM 6-K 2021-11-30
424B3 424B3 2021-11-19
6-K FORM 6-K 2021-11-19
424B3 424B3 2021-11-17
6-K FORM 6-K 2021-11-17
424B3 424B3 2021-10-29
6-K FORM 6-K 2021-10-29
424B3 424B3 2021-09-29
6-K FORM 6-K 2021-09-29
EFFECT 2021-09-27
424B3 424B3 2021-09-27
CORRESP 2021-09-24
UPLOAD 2021-09-24
F-1 FORM F-1 2021-09-22
6-K FORM 6-K 2021-09-22
6-K FORM 6-K 2021-09-13
20-F 20-F 2021-08-27
6-K FORM 6-K 2021-08-27
CERT 2021-08-26
8-A12B 8-A12B 2021-08-24
425 CURRENT REPORT 2021-08-19
425 2021-08-12
EFFECT 2021-07-30
424B3 424B3 2021-07-30
CORRESP 2021-07-29
F-4/A F-4/A 2021-07-28
425 FORM 425 2021-07-28
425 CURRENT REPORT 2021-07-19
CORRESP 2021-07-07
F-4/A F-4/A 2021-07-07
425 FORM 425 2021-07-01
UPLOAD 2021-06-30
425 CURRENT REPORT 2021-06-21
CORRESP 2021-06-15
F-4 F-4 2021-06-15
UPLOAD 2021-04-26
DRSLTR 2021-03-30
DRS 2021-03-30