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Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp. - CRHC

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SPAC Stats

Market Cap: 825.5M
Average Volume: 299.5K
52W Range: $9.65 - $11.46
Weekly %: +0.61%
Monthly %: +0.81%
Inst Owners: 136


Target: Searching
Days Since IPO: 467
Unit composition:
Each unit has an offering price of $10.00 and consists of one Class A ordinary share and one-third of one redeemable warrant
Trust Size: 30000000.0M

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macroaxis posted at 2021-11-27T04:17:05Z

Updated ratings for Cohn Robbins( $CRHC ), Metlife(…,MET,CRM,SEE,WABC,VMC,WETF,CINF,LIFE,NI,ADOOY,SNOW #insidertrading #stocks #fintechnews

macroaxis posted at 2021-11-26T21:23:03Z

$CRHC - Will buyout trend continue? #stocks #earnings

FeetalsGizzard posted at 2021-11-26T21:14:55Z

$CRHC Boat has been loaded even fuller with warrants today. Give me 80 cent warrants again and I'll go all in. I'm patient.

coppoj posted at 2021-11-26T16:35:17Z

$CRHC the whole market is getting slaughtered but this remains still

RxInvestor93 posted at 2021-11-26T14:41:17Z

$CRHC DA Monday babyyy

aadiit posted at 2021-11-24T21:05:11Z

$CRHC some cheap fellow wants to buy but doesnt want to pay higher price. I think we are close to a DA

T0SHH posted at 2021-11-23T21:15:27Z

$CRHC shooting up 💉

T8skmod posted at 2021-11-23T08:21:18Z

$CRHC Twits Stats Today's Change 19% + 🚀

Obsoleted posted at 2021-11-22T23:14:42Z

$CRHC Still wondering about that large volume on Friday. Doubled my position today on Warrants to hold for awhile... Any explanation on Friday volume?

nk38 posted at 2021-11-22T23:05:48Z

$CRHC Will they ever announce a target?

Georgea8 posted at 2021-11-22T16:10:12Z

$CRHC what are their targets?

BardicusDeBursitis posted at 2021-11-22T16:02:20Z

$CRHC yeah welll finally took the hit. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to hold Spacs but this one was dead in the water before even coming to the market. This is an absolute bust and a waste of time but good luck to you all

RxInvestor93 posted at 2021-11-22T13:48:38Z

$CRHC come on where’s my DA!?

TradingBae posted at 2021-11-21T22:46:17Z

This week’s watchlist: Part 2 🔥🔥🔥 1. $AMPG 2. $SIGA 3 $CRHC 4. $DBRG 5. $PHUN

goldenson posted at 2021-11-21T18:58:17Z

$CRHC Recognize these 6 stocks manipulation tactics

Tickstocks posted at 2021-11-21T07:25:22Z

$CRHC Twits Stats Today's Change 19% + 🚀

tickeron posted at 2021-11-20T19:48:27Z

How does this affect your portfolio? $CRHC in +0.35% Uptrend, rising for three consecutive days on November 18, 2021. View odds for this and other indicators:

coppoj posted at 2021-11-20T02:43:47Z

$CRHC Something big is going down.

nk38 posted at 2021-11-20T00:42:30Z

$CRHC Is Gary flying anywhere this weekend? Anybody volunteering to track his plane

FBstar79 posted at 2021-11-19T23:59:35Z

$CRHC I would get all excited about the warrants jumping but this ain’t my first rodeo

luapthedestroyer posted at 2021-11-19T22:46:32Z

$CRHC came so close to adding more warrants this morning, all that extra volume today is enticing me to put in a limit order for some more. Still remembering when I bought for just under $2 because it was such a great deal...yea

LoboNoches posted at 2021-11-19T21:59:18Z

$CRHC someone knows something, it ain't me but someone does

RxInvestor93 posted at 2021-11-19T21:23:39Z

$CRHC in for 10,000 shares at close

ptyson posted at 2021-11-19T20:51:49Z

$CRHC When does this close shop if they can't find a target? I've been holding this for 9 months already this is dead money.

LoboNoches posted at 2021-11-19T19:08:37Z

$CRHC too bad this couldn't have pushed past $10. Save options that are expiring today, oh well you lose some and you lose some and you lose some.... One day I'll learn

AmericanDesi posted at 2021-11-19T18:03:49Z

$CRHC 1M volume at mid day. that's 10x normal so yea, someone knows something or someone purchased wrong ticker.

FeetalsGizzard posted at 2021-11-19T16:54:57Z

$CRHC Showed up on Unusual Volume on CNBC this morning. Someone is buying.

aadiit posted at 2021-11-19T16:19:29Z

$CRHC 750k buy at 11:03. Somebody knows something. Will there be AH news ?

lar786 posted at 2021-11-19T16:17:40Z

$CRHC why big volume today ?

Sonnyboyz posted at 2021-11-19T02:22:24Z

$CRHC What are some of the potential targets you guys like for CRHC? Let the speculation commence!


Our directors, director nominees and officers are as follows: Clifton S. Robbins has been a director and our Chief Executive Officer since July 2020. Mr. Robbins founded Blue Harbour Group, L.P. (“Blue Harbour”) in 2004 and has been its Chief Executive Officer since inception. Mr. Robbins has more than 40 years of experience in the investment management business. Prior to forming Blue Harbour, Mr. Robbins had been a Managing Member of General Atlantic Partners, LLC (“General Atlantic Partners”), a global private equity firm from 2000 through August 2004. Prior to that, Mr. Robbins had been a General Partner of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (“KKR”) where he worked from 1987 until 2000. At KKR, he played a significant role in many of the firm’s leveraged buyout transactions and financings and was also intimately involved with the firm’s capital markets activities. Mr. Robbins began his career in the Mergers and Acquisitions department of Morgan Stanley & Co. He graduated with an A.B. from Harvard College and received his M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Mr. Robbins has served on the Board of Directors of more than fifteen public and private companies. He is a member of the Boards of Overseers and Managers of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and also serves as Vice Chairman of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council. We believe Mr. Robbin’s qualifications to serve on our board of directors include: his substantial experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and strategic business planning; his track record at Blue Harbour, General Atlantic Partners and KKR in advising and managing multi-national companies; and his experience serving as a director for various public and private companies. Charles S. Kwon will serve as our Chief Financial Officer following the completion of this offering. Mr. Kwon is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Blue Harbour and will continue to serve in that capacity until the firm closes its operations later this year. Mr. Kwon has more than fifteen years of experience working in finance and tax at companies including PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and JPMorgan Chase & Co. Mr. Kwon graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and philosophy of law. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Virginia. Kathryn A. Hall will serve as a director following the completion of this offering. Ms. Hall is Founder and Co-Chair of Hall Capital Partners LLC, and she is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee and Investment Review Committee. Before founding Hall Capital in 1994, Ms. Hall was a General Partner of Laurel Arbitrage Partners, a risk arbitrage investment partnership that she founded in 1989. Prior to that, she was a General Partner of HFS Management Partners (predecessor to Farallon Capital Partners), HFS Partners I, and Hellman & Friedman. Ms. Hall began her career at Morgan Stanley where she worked in both the risk arbitrage and mergers and acquisitions departments. Ms. Hall currently serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Trustees and the Investment Committee of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), and is Chair of the Investment Committee of the Smithsonian Institution. Ms. Hall also serves on the Board of Directors of the McEvoy Group, the San Jose Earthquakes, and Ariat International. Ms. Hall served as the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Princeton University from 2011 to 2019, and as a trustee from 2001 – 2005 and 2006 – 2019. She also served as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Princeton University Investment Company from 2008 to 2011 and as a director from 1998 to 2011. Additionally, Ms. Hall previously served as a member of the Federal Reserve Bank’s 12th District Economic Advisory Council. Ms. Hall earned a A.B. in economics from Princeton University and received her M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. We believe Ms. Hall’s qualifications to serve on our board of directors include: her senior management and leadership experience. 102 C. Robert Kidder will serve as a director following the completion of this offering. Mr. Kidder has served on numerous boards of directors including as: director of Merck and Co., Inc. from 2005 to 2017, non-executive Chairman of the Board of Chrysler Group LLC from 2009 to 2011, Chairman of Borden Inc. from 1995 to 2004, Chairman of Duracell International Inc. and director of Morgan Stanley from 1997 to 2017, including as Lead Director for eight years Mr. Kidder currently serves as Chairman the board of directors of Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. and Microvi Biotech Inc., serves on the board of Wildcat Discovery Technologies, Inc. and previously served on the board of directors of Schering-Plough Corporation from 2005 to 2009. He co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of 3Stone Advisors LLC, a private investment firm, from 2006 to 2011. Mr. Kidder was a Principal and Partner at Stonehenge Partners, Inc., a private investment firm, from 2004 to 2006. Prior to Stonehenge, Mr. Kidder served as President of Borden Capital, Inc., a company that provided financial and strategic advice to the Borden, Inc.’s family of companies, from 2001 to 2003. He served as Chief Executive Officer from 1995 to 2002 of Borden Chemical, Inc. (formerly Borden, Inc.), a forest products and industrial chemicals company. Mr. Kidder was also Chief Executive Officer and President of Duracell International Inc. Prior to joining Duracell, Mr. Kidder was Vice President, Planning and Development at Dart Industries Inc., worked as a general management consultant with McKinsey & Co. and served as an officer in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps. Mr. Kidder earned a B.S. in industrial engineering from the University of Michigan and a graduate degree in industrial economics from Iowa State University. We believe Mr. Kidder’s qualifications to serve on our board of directors include: his extensive financial and senior executive experience, including in business development, operations and strategic planning, and his experience serving as a director for various public and private companies. Alexander T. Robertson will serve as a director following the completion of this offering. Mr. Robertson is President and Chief Operating Officer of Tiger Management LLC (Tiger Management), a firm committed to sourcing and developing future leaders in the investment management industry. Prior to joining Tiger Management in 2008, he served as legislative assistant to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole. Mr. Robertson serves as a trustee and board member of the Robertson Foundation, Tiger Foundation, Boys’ Club of New York, Memorial Sloan Kettering Board of Overseers, Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council, East Lake Foundation, and Purpose Built Communities. Mr. Robertson is a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received his M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. We believe Mr. Robertson’s qualifications to serve on our board of directors include: his senior leadership and industry experience. Anne Sheehan will serve as a director following the completion of this offering. Ms. Sheehan has been the Chair of the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee since 2018 and currently serves on the Board of Directors of L Brands Corporation. From 2008 until 2018, Ms. Sheehan served as the Director of Corporate Governance at The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), the largest educator-only pension fund in the world and the second largest pension fund in the United States. She previously served as the Chief Deputy Director for Policy at the California Department of Finance from 2004 to 2008 and as Executive Director at the California Building Industry Foundation from 2000 to 2004. Ms. Sheehan is a founder of the Investor Stewardship Group, serves on the Advisory Board of the Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware, is a member of the Advisory Board of Rock Center for Corporate Governance of Stanford Law School and is a Senior Advisor at PJT Camberview. Ms. Sheehan earned a B.A. in political science and history from the University of Colorado. We believe Ms. Sheehan’s qualifications to serve on our board of directors include: her extensive corporate governance experience and her senior management and leadership experience. Number, Terms of Office and Appointment of Directors and Officers Upon the effectiveness of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part, we expect that our board of directors will consist of five members. Prior to our initial business combination, holders of our founder shares will have the right to appoint all of our directors and remove members of the board of directors for any reason, and holders of our public shares will not have the right to vote on the appointment of directors during such time. These provisions of our amended and restated memorandum and articles of association may only be amended by a special resolution passed by a majority of at least 90% of our ordinary shares attending and voting in a general meeting. Each of our directors will hold office for a two-year term. Subject to any other special rights applicable to the shareholders, any vacancies on our board of directors may be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the directors present and voting at the meeting of our board of directors or by a majority of the holders of our ordinary shares (or, prior to our initial business combination, holders of our founder shares). 103 Our officers are appointed by the board of directors and serve at the discretion of the board of directors, rather than for specific terms of office. Our board of directors is authorized to appoint persons to the offices set forth in our amended and restated memorandum and articles of association as it deems appropriate. Our amended and restated memorandum and articles of association provide that our officers may consist of a Chairman, a Chief Executive Officer, a President, a Chief Operating Officer, a Chief Financial Officer, Vice Presidents, a Secretary, Assistant Secretaries, a Treasurer and such other offices as may be determined by the board of directors. Director Independence The rules of the NYSE require that a majority of our board of directors be independent within one year of our initial public offering. An “independent director” is defined generally as a person that, in the opinion of the company’s board of directors, has no material relationship with the listed company (either directly or as a partner, shareholder or officer of an organization that has a relationship with the company). Upon the effectiveness of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part, we expect to have three “independent directors” as defined in the NYSE rules and applicable SEC rules prior to completion of this offering. Our board has determined that each of , and is an independent director under applicable SEC and NYSE rules. Our independent directors will have regularly scheduled meetings at which only independent directors are present. Officer and Director Compensation None of our directors or officers have received any cash compensation for services rendered to us. Commencing on the date that our securities are first listed on the NYSE through the earlier of consummation of our initial business combination and our liquidation, we will pay an affiliate of our sponsor a total of $10,000 per month for office space, administrative and support services. Our sponsor, directors and officers, or any of their respective affiliates, will be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with activities on our behalf such as identifying potential target businesses and performing due diligence on suitable business combinations. Our audit committee will review on a quarterly basis all payments that were made by us to our sponsor, directors, officers or our or any of their affiliates. In July 2020, our sponsor transferred 40,000 founder shares to each of Kathryn A. Hall, C. Robert Kidder, Alexander T. Robertson and Anne Sheehan at their original per-share purchase price. After the completion of our initial business combination, directors or members of our management team who remain with us may be paid consulting, management or other compensation from the combined company. All compensation will be fully disclosed to shareholders, to the extent then known, in the tender offer materials or proxy solicitation materials furnished to our shareholders in connection with a proposed business combination. It is unlikely the amount of such compensation will be known at the time, because the directors of the post-combination business will be responsible for determining executive officer and director compensation. Any compensation to be paid to our officers after the completion of our initial business combination will be determined by a compensation committee constituted solely by independent directors. We are not party to any agreements with our directors and officers that provide for benefits upon termination of employment. The existence or terms of any such employment or consulting arrangements may influence our management’s motivation in identifying or selecting a target business, and we do not believe that the ability of our management to remain with us after the consummation of our initial business combination should be a determining factor in our decision to proceed with any potential business combination. Committees of the Board of Directors Upon the effective date of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part, our board of directors will have three standing committees: an audit committee; a compensation committee; and a nominating and corporate governance committee. Subject to phase-in rules, the rules of NYSE and Rule 10A-3 of the Exchange Act require that the audit committee of a listed company be comprised solely of independent directors, and the rules of NYSE require that the compensation committee and the nominating and corporate governance committee of a listed company be comprised solely of independent directors. Each committee will operate under a charter that will be approved by our board of directors and will have the composition and responsibilities described below. The charter of each committee will be available on our website following the closing of this offering. 104 Audit Committee Upon the effectiveness of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part, we will establish an audit committee of the board of directors. The members of our audit committee will be , and . will serve as chairman of the audit committee. Each member of the audit committee is financially literate and our board of directors has determined that qualifies as an “audit committee financial expert” as defined in applicable SEC rules and has accounting or related financial management expertise. We will adopt an audit committee charter, which will detail the purpose and principal functions of the audit committee, including: • assisting board oversight of (1) the integrity of our financial statements, (2) our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, (3) our independent registered public accounting firm’s qualifications and independence, and (4) the performance of our internal audit function and independent registered public accounting firm; • the appointment, compensation, retention, replacement, and oversight of the work of the independent registered public accounting firm and any other independent registered public accounting firm engaged by us; • pre-approving all audit and non-audit services to be provided by the independent registered public accounting firm or any other registered public accounting firm engaged by us, and establishing pre-approval policies and procedures; • reviewing and discussing with the independent registered public accounting firm all relationships the auditors have with us in order to evaluate their continued independence; • setting clear hiring policies for employees or former employees of the independent registered public accounting firm; • setting clear policies for audit partner rotation in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; • obtaining and reviewing a report, at least annually, from the independent registered public accounting firm describing (1) the independent registered public accounting firm’s internal quality-control procedures and (2) any material issues raised by the most recent internal quality-control review, or peer review, of the audit firm, or by any inquiry or investigation by governmental or professional authorities, within the preceding five years respecting one or more independent audits carried out by the firm and any steps taken to deal with such issues; • meeting to review and discuss our annual audited financial statements and quarterly financial statements with management and the independent registered public accounting firm, including reviewing our specific disclosures under “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations”; • reviewing and approving any related party transaction required to be disclosed pursuant to Item 404 of Regulation S-K promulgated by the SEC prior to us entering into such transaction; and • reviewing with management, the independent registered public accounting firm, and our legal advisors, as appropriate, any legal, regulatory or compliance matters, including any correspondence with regulators or government agencies and any employee complaints or published reports that raise material issues regarding our financial statements or accounting policies and any significant changes in accounting standards or rules promulgated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the SEC or other regulatory authorities. Compensation Committee Upon the effectiveness of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part, we will establish a compensation committee of the board of directors. The members of our Compensation Committee will be and . will serve as chairman of the compensation committee. We will adopt a compensation committee charter, which will detail the purpose and responsibility of the compensation committee, including: • reviewing and approving on an annual basis the corporate goals and objectives relevant to our Chief Executive Officer’s compensation, evaluating our Chief Executive Officer’s performance in light of such goals and objectives and determining and approving the remuneration (if any) of our Chief Executive Officer based on such evaluation; 105 • reviewing and making recommendations to our board of directors with respect to the compensation, and any incentive-compensation and equity-based plans that are subject to board approval of all of our other officers; • reviewing our executive compensation policies and plans; • implementing and administering our incentive compensation equity-based remuneration plans; • assisting management in complying with our proxy statement and annual report disclosure requirements; • approving all special perquisites, special cash payments and other special compensation and benefit arrangements for our officers and employees; • producing a report on executive compensation to be included in our annual proxy statement; and • reviewing, evaluating and recommending changes, if appropriate, to the remuneration for directors. The charter will

Holder Stats

1 0
% of Shares Held by All Insider 0.00%
% of Shares Held by Institutions 78.04%
% of Float Held by Institutions 78.04%
Number of Institutions Holding Shares 136

Mutual Fund Holders

Holder Shares Date Reported Value % Out
Merger Fund, The 1092312 2021-06-29 10759273 1.32
Collaborative Inv Ser Tr-SPAC and New Issue ETF 294580 2021-06-29 2901613 0.36
Highland Fds I-NexPoint Merger Arbitrage Fund 130020 2021-06-29 1280697 0.16
WCM Alternatives Event Driven Fd 110022 2021-06-29 1083716 0.13
JNL Series Trust-JNL/Westchester Capital Event Driven Fund 68169 2021-06-29 671464 0.08
JNL Series Trust-JNL/Multi Manager Alternative Fund 55644 2021-06-29 548093 0.07
Brinker Capital Destinations Tr-Destinations Low Duration Fixed Inc Fd 31129 2021-08-30 303819 0.04
Brinker Capital Destinations Tr-Destinations Gllb Fixed Income Opp Fd 30718 2021-05-30 301650 0.04
ETF Series Solutions-Defiance Next Gen SPAC Derived ETF 22980 2021-09-29 225663 0.03
RiverPark Fds Tr-RiverPark Strategic Income Fd 18189 2021-06-29 179161 0.02

Institutional Holders

Reporting Date Hedge Fund Shares Held Market Value % of Portfolio Quarterly Change in Shares Ownership in Company
2021-11-16 Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC 195,139 $1,920,000 0.0% +94.6% 0.189%
2021-11-16 Beryl Capital Management LLC 2,266,673 $22,320,000 1.6% +2,028.0% 2.190%
2021-11-15 Berkley W R Corp 564,798 $5,550,000 0.4% +89.5% 0.546%
2021-11-15 Penserra Capital Management LLC 22,980 $230,000 0.0% -17.9% 0.022%
2021-11-15 Dark Forest Capital Management LP 23,105 $230,000 0.1% 0 0.022%
2021-11-12 Gamco Investors INC. ET AL 20,000 $200,000 0.0% +33.3% 0.019%
2021-11-12 Weiss Asset Management LP 1,783,156 $17,510,000 0.4% +33.2% 1.723%
2021-11-12 Hsbc Holdings PLC 500,000 $4,910,000 0.0% 0 0.483%
2021-11-12 MYDA Advisors LLC 50,000 $490,000 0.1% -41.5% 0.048%
2021-11-12 Cohanzick Management LLC 102,531 $1,010,000 0.2% +6.4% 0.099%
2021-11-09 ATW Spac Management LLC 336,600 $3,310,000 0.6% 0 0.325%
2021-11-04 Deutsche Bank AG 36,279 $360,000 0.0% -58.4% 0.035%
2021-10-28 Mizuho Securities USA LLC 11,689 $120,000 0.0% 0 0.011%
2021-10-25 Exos Asset Management LLC 12,104 $120,000 0.1% -55.5% 0.012%
2021-10-22 Tuttle Capital Management LLC 218,060 $2,140,000 1.1% -26.0% 0.211%
2021-08-17 Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 150,000 $1,480,000 0.0% +50.0% 0.145%
2021-08-17 Northern Right Capital Management L.P. 100,625 $990,000 0.3% -77.4% 0.097%
2021-08-16 Whitebox Advisors LLC 183,000 $1,800,000 0.0% +46.4% 0.177%
2021-08-16 Antara Capital LP 38,293 $380,000 0.0% 0 0.037%
2021-08-16 Berkley W R Corp 298,123 $2,940,000 0.3% +15.1% 0.288%
2021-08-16 Vivaldi Asset Management LLC 127,358 $1,250,000 0.2% 0 0.123%
2021-08-16 Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC 100,283 $990,000 0.0% +263.3% 0.097%
2021-08-16 Telemetry Investments L.L.C. 27,190 $270,000 0.4% -25.6% 0.026%
2021-08-16 Polygon Management Ltd. 146,699 $1,450,000 0.1% +51.7% 0.142%
2021-08-13 Alpine Global Management LLC 225,031 $2,220,000 0.3% +12.5% 0.217%
2021-08-13 Toronto Dominion Bank 95,015 $940,000 0.0% +13.0% 0.092%
2021-08-13 Berry Street Capital Management LLP 60,000 $590,000 0.1% +20.0% 0.058%
2021-08-13 Finepoint Capital LP 1,875,632 $18,480,000 3.5% 0 1.812%
2021-08-12 MMCAP International Inc. SPC 429,347 $4,230,000 0.2% -19.1% 0.415%
2021-08-12 Penserra Capital Management LLC 27,985 $280,000 0.0% -36.7% 0.027%
2021-08-11 Picton Mahoney Asset Management 499,998 $4,920,000 0.1% -7.6% 0.483%
2021-08-10 Toronto Dominion Bank 95,040 $940,000 0.0% +13.0% 0.092%
2021-08-06 HighTower Advisors LLC 23,000 $230,000 0.0% -30.3% 0.022%
2021-08-04 Nan Fung Trinity HK Ltd. 93,391 $920,000 0.2% 0 0.090%
2021-07-31 Tuttle Tactical Management 294,580 $2,900,000 1.3% -32.4% 0.285%
2021-07-28 Cohen & Co Financial Management LLC 300,000 $2,960,000 1.9% 0 0.290%
2021-05-27 Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP 50,000 $490,000 0.0% 0 0.048%
2021-05-19 Gillson Capital LP 371,672 $3,650,000 0.3% 0 0.359%
2021-05-18 RiverPark Advisors LLC 18,295 $180,000 0.0% -61.0% 0.018%
2021-05-18 Twin Securities Inc. 10,000 $98,000 0.1% 0 0.010%
2021-05-18 Berkley W R Corp 259,063 $2,550,000 0.3% -7.6% 0.250%
2021-05-18 Empyrean Capital Partners LP 750,000 $7,370,000 0.2% 0 0.725%
2021-05-18 Alyeska Investment Group L.P. 311,166 $3,060,000 0.0% -32.5% 0.301%
2021-05-18 Polygon Management Ltd. 96,699 $950,000 0.1% 0 0.093%
2021-05-18 Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP 50,000 $490,000 0.0% 0 0.048%
2021-05-17 Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC 27,600 $270,000 0.0% -57.2% 0.027%
2021-05-17 Clearline Capital LP 829,405 $8,150,000 1.1% 0 0.801%
2021-05-17 Saba Capital Management L.P. 200,000 $1,970,000 0.1% 0 0.193%
2021-05-17 CSS LLC IL 220,092 $2,160,000 0.1% -6.9% 0.213%
2021-05-17 Polar Asset Management Partners Inc. 837,122 $8,230,000 0.1% -70.7% 0.809%
2021-05-17 Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 100,000 $980,000 0.0% 0 0.097%
2021-05-17 Marathon Trading Investment Management LLC 102,000 $1,000,000 0.1% 0 0.099%
2021-05-17 Centiva Capital LP 17,341 $170,000 0.0% -73.9% 0.017%
2021-05-17 Bayberry Capital Partners LP 114,000 $1,120,000 0.3% 0 0.110%
2021-05-14 Whitebox Advisors LLC 125,000 $1,230,000 0.0% +25.0% 0.121%
2021-05-14 Gamco Investors INC. ET AL 15,000 $150,000 0.0% 0 0.014%
2021-05-14 Arrowstreet Capital Limited Partnership 151,411 $1,490,000 0.0% 0 0.146%
2021-05-14 Weiss Multi Strategy Advisers LLC 36,063 $350,000 0.0% +5.8% 0.035%
2021-05-14 Dynamic Technology Lab Private Ltd 10,006 $98,000 0.0% -66.6% 0.010%
2021-05-14 Credit Suisse AG 381,719 $3,750,000 0.0% 0 0.369%
2021-05-13 Wolverine Asset Management LLC 75,524 $740,000 0.0% -88.5% 0.073%
2021-05-13 Wexford Capital LP 60,000 $590,000 0.1% 0 0.058%
2021-05-13 Alpine Global Management LLC 200,000 $1,970,000 0.2% +300.0% 0.193%
2021-05-13 Penserra Capital Management LLC 44,207 $430,000 0.0% +126.3% 0.043%
2021-05-13 Kepos Capital LP 35,273 $350,000 0.0% 0 0.034%
2021-05-13 Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund 200,000 $1,970,000 0.0% -45.7% 0.193%
2021-05-13 Baird Financial Group Inc. 48,000 $470,000 0.0% 0 0.046%
2021-05-10 HighTower Advisors LLC 33,000 $330,000 0.0% -81.6% 0.032%
2021-05-06 BCK Capital Management LP 53,478 $530,000 0.3% 0 0.052%
2021-05-04 Picton Mahoney Asset Management 541,391 $4,960,000 0.2% -18.8% 0.523%
2021-05-03 Focused Wealth Management Inc 16,950 $170,000 0.0% 0 0.016%
2021-05-03 The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company 620,639 $6,100,000 0.0% -59.5% 0.600%
2021-04-30 Value Partners Investments Inc. 60,000 $590,000 0.1% 0 0.058%
2021-04-27 Janney Montgomery Scott LLC 200,926 $1,980,000 0.0% 0 0.194%
2021-04-27 Tuttle Tactical Management 435,532 $4,280,000 1.7% +635.2% 0.421%
2021-04-26 Garnet Equity Capital Holdings Inc. 15,000 $150,000 0.0% -93.1% 0.014%
2021-02-24 Virtu Financial LLC 17,019 $180,000 0.0% 0 0.016%
2021-02-16 One68 Global Capital LLC 10,000 $100,000 0.2% 0 0.010%
2021-02-16 Serengeti Asset Management LP 130,000 $1,350,000 0.4% 0 0.126%
2021-02-16 RP Investment Advisors LP 854,497 $8,900,000 2.4% -54.0% 0.826%
2021-02-16 Jefferies Group LLC 441,601 $4,600,000 0.0% 0 0.427%
2021-02-12 Penserra Capital Management LLC 19,533 $200,000 0.0% 0 0.019%
2021-02-11 Dynamic Technology Lab Private Ltd 30,000 $310,000 0.1% 0 0.029%
2021-02-11 Athos Capital Ltd 205,300 $2,140,000 0.6% 0 0.198%
2021-02-10 HighTower Advisors LLC 179,449 $1,870,000 0.0% 0 0.173%
2021-02-08 Garnet Equity Capital Holdings Inc. 218,000 $2,270,000 0.7% 0 0.211%
2021-02-04 Camden Capital LLC 10,099 $110,000 0.0% 0 0.010%
2021-02-03 MUFG Americas Holdings Corp 13,662 $140,000 0.0% 0 0.013%
2021-01-29 Mizuho Securities USA LLC 100,000 $1,010,000 0.1% +702.1% 0.097%
2021-01-20 Kestra Advisory Services LLC 13,500 $140,000 0.0% 0 0.013%
2021-01-20 Tuttle Tactical Management 59,242 $620,000 0.5% 0 0.057%

SEC Filings

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