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Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp - BSGA

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SPAC Stats

Market Cap: 50.7M
Average Volume: 299.7K
52W Range: $9.70 - $10.90
Weekly %: -1.15%
Monthly %: +3.22%
Inst Owners: 1


Target: Bitdeer
Target Details: Bitcoin mining platform
Investor Presentation: Click to View
Definitive Agreement Date: Nov. 17, 2021
Merger Meeting: Pending

🕵Stocktwit Mentions

Irishbroker17 posted at 2021-11-26T15:57:55Z


Irishbroker17 posted at 2021-11-26T12:57:57Z

$BSGA this could bump $9 again to fill the gap. We will see I guess.

l1lturbo posted at 2021-11-26T04:37:46Z

$BSGA Lets go!!

Newsfilter posted at 2021-11-24T17:39:55Z

Bitcoin Miner Griid Said to Be in Talks to Merge With SPAC $BSGA $CIFR $ADEX

sohmoor posted at 2021-11-24T15:31:13Z

$DOGE.X $BSGA bit miner spac to check out

IAMWONDERFUL posted at 2021-11-24T13:12:17Z

$BSGA We are a 100$ spac that’s waiting to get noticed.

Bucket87 posted at 2021-11-23T21:53:07Z

$BSGA just hasn’t caught on yet. With low float like this it’ll take off

StRiPedBasS posted at 2021-11-23T20:05:07Z

$BSGA what the fuck safari

l1lturbo posted at 2021-11-23T19:34:35Z

$BSGA Looks like for dips for me :) Lets go!! same with $BRPM and $BENE beautiful average now insane moves on $APVO

Jadyas posted at 2021-11-23T16:45:37Z

$APVO next is $BSGA. Lower float with a crypto play.

mangificent posted at 2021-11-23T01:21:48Z

$BSGA why can I not find an investor presentation? I'd like to invest but without a presentation how are we supposed to make a decision?

Jadyas posted at 2021-11-23T00:53:05Z

Whoever is looking at $LGVN and $ISPC can’t ignore $BSGA with such a low float and a crpyto deal.

JosephHwa posted at 2021-11-22T23:27:45Z

$BSGA why are the rights getting smashed? Shouldn’t they be essentially 1/10th the price of the sp? Or even lead a little like warrants?

Last10K posted at 2021-11-22T22:39:03Z

$BSGA just filed a 10-Q Quarterly Report with 32 sections and 4 exhibits. Access them all or just read their earnings:

Quantisnow posted at 2021-11-22T22:28:36Z

$BSGA 📜 SEC Form 10-Q filed by Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

gxiong045 posted at 2021-11-22T22:26:46Z

$LGVN $BSGA Another low float, near NAV, and crypto play

gxiong045 posted at 2021-11-22T22:22:41Z

$LGVN $BSGA Another low float and crypto! Let's go!

alphatendauri posted at 2021-11-22T18:45:39Z


alphatendauri posted at 2021-11-22T18:42:10Z

$BKKT you’ll want to check out $BSGA for round 2

MDpkr posted at 2021-11-22T18:40:56Z

$BSGA Looking good. I’m in

Jadyas posted at 2021-11-22T18:27:47Z

$BSGA almost double the trading average volume. +700k by the end of the day. Baby steps.

alphatendauri posted at 2021-11-22T18:09:02Z

$BSGA casual 15 cent spreads - this is so illiquid

ReturnoftheMax posted at 2021-11-22T17:55:18Z

$BSGA Green in sea of red. 1.7mil trading shares only and seems those who own holding strong! 216 watchers (growing) looking fwd to discovery peeps!

VisionWiz posted at 2021-11-22T17:50:23Z

$BSGA rights are going to print. 68 -70cents. Already 30% gain upside to NAV at $10 . Don't think many understand this: 10rights = 1 share at conversion. Right now it's implied $7 per share vs 10.50 $BSGAR

Jadyas posted at 2021-11-22T17:30:17Z

$BSGA look at our watchers number growing!!

l1lturbo posted at 2021-11-22T16:57:00Z

$CEI So funny this is up 20% from twitter pump n dumpers. When theirs real undervalued plays like $BSGA or $PBTS $TMC beautiful dips/entry price IMO.

StRiPedBasS posted at 2021-11-22T16:11:50Z

$BSGA somebody make it go to 60

alphatendauri posted at 2021-11-22T16:08:57Z

$BSGA great daily volume but it’s barely moving

Bucket87 posted at 2021-11-22T16:07:35Z

$BSGA sleeping giant, just needs nudged

l1lturbo posted at 2021-11-22T15:56:15Z

$BSGA Slow accumulation going on, Micro float + shorts attacking :) Nothing but a smile on my face. Looking for more dips in $PBTS watching $BITF for around $7.50 and $COIN around $300

Holder Stats

1 0
% of Shares Held by All Insider 24.92%
% of Shares Held by Institutions 0.34%
% of Float Held by Institutions 0.45%
Number of Institutions Holding Shares 1

Institutional Holders

Reporting Date Hedge Fund Shares Held Market Value % of Portfolio Quarterly Change in Shares Ownership in Company
2021-11-16 Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC 39,818 $390,000 0.0% 0 0.653%
2021-11-16 CNH Partners LLC 100,100 $990,000 0.0% 0 1.641%
2021-11-16 CVI Holdings LLC 245,000 $2,430,000 0.2% 0 4.016%
2021-11-15 Polar Asset Management Partners Inc. 495,000 $4,900,000 0.0% 0 8.115%
2021-11-15 Rivernorth Capital Management LLC 200,000 $1,980,000 0.1% 0 3.279%
2021-11-15 Hudson Bay Capital Management LP 495,000 $4,900,000 0.1% 0 8.115%
2021-11-12 GABELLI & Co INVESTMENT ADVISERS INC. 94,028 $930,000 0.1% 0 1.541%
2021-11-12 Gabelli Funds LLC 109,577 $1,090,000 0.0% 0 1.796%
2021-11-12 Periscope Capital Inc. 199,800 $1,980,000 0.1% 0 3.275%
2021-11-12 Weiss Asset Management LP 225,000 $2,230,000 0.1% 0 3.689%
2021-11-12 Wolverine Asset Management LLC 174,349 $1,730,000 0.0% 0 2.858%
2021-11-09 ATW Spac Management LLC 200,000 $1,980,000 0.4% 0 3.279%
2021-11-09 Robinson Capital Management LLC 25,000 $250,000 0.2% 0 0.410%
2021-10-28 Mizuho Securities USA LLC 432,902 $4,220,000 0.4% 0 7.097%

SEC Filings

Form Type Form Description Filing Date Document Link
10-Q 10-Q 2021-11-22
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-11-19
425 425 2021-11-18
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-11-18
NT 10-Q NT 10-Q 2021-11-15
10-Q FORM 10-Q 2021-08-18
NT 10-Q NT 10-Q 2021-08-17
10-Q FORM 10-Q 2021-08-02
NT 10-Q NT 10-Q 2021-07-27
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-06-21
SC 13G SC 13G 2021-06-21
8-K FORM 8-K 2021-06-15
424B4 424B4 2021-06-10
CERT 2021-06-10
EFFECT 2021-06-09
8-A12B 8-A12B 2021-06-09
CORRESP 2021-06-08
CORRESP 2021-06-08
S-1/A S-1/A 2021-06-08
CORRESP 2021-06-07
UPLOAD 2021-06-07
CORRESP 2021-06-03
S-1/A FORM S-1/A 2021-06-03
UPLOAD 2021-06-02
S-1/A S-1/A 2021-05-27
CORRESP 2021-05-06
S-1 FORM S-1 2021-05-06
UPLOAD 2021-04-23
DRS 2021-03-29