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BurTech Acquisition Corp. - BRKH

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SPAC Stats

Market Cap: 82.8M
Average Volume: 9.4K
52W Range: $9.90 - $11.47
Weekly %: +0.48%
Monthly %: +1.56%
Inst Owners: 0


Target: Searching
Days Since IPO: 558
Unit composition:
Each unit has an offering price of $10.00 and consists of one share of our Class A common stock and one-half of one redeemable warrant as described in more detail in this prospectus
Trust Size: 25000000.0M

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$BRKH just filed with the SEC a Listing Status, a Regulated Disclosure and a Financial Exhibit

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$BRKH 📜 SEC Form SC 13G filed by BurTech Acquisition Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

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$BRKH 📜 BurTech Acquisition Corp. filed SEC Form 8-K: Notice of Delisting or Failure to Satisfy a Continued Listing Rule or Standard; Transfer of Listing, Regulation FD Disclosure, Financial Statements and Exhibits 45 seconds delayed.

EarningsInsider posted at 2023-04-21T10:23:33Z

Burtech Acquisition Corp. Files SEC Form 8-K $BRKH

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Burtech Acquisition Corp. Files SEC Form 10-K $BRKH

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$BRKH just filed a 10-K Annual Report with 6 financial statements and 34 disclosures. Access them all or just read their earnings:

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$BRKH just filed with the SEC a Listing Status, a Regulated Disclosure and a Financial Exhibit

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$BRKH 📜 SEC Form 10-K filed by BurTech Acquisition Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

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$BRKH 📜 SEC Form NT 10-K filed by BurTech Acquisition Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

shortablestocks posted at 2023-03-17T15:02:15Z

Zero shares available to short currently in $BRKH.

Last10K posted at 2023-03-16T10:12:17Z

$BRKH just filed with the SEC a New Agreement, a Bylaw Change, a Vote of Security Holders and a Financial Exhibit

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$BRKH Form 8-K: Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement As approved by its stockholders at the special meeting of stockholders held on March 10, 2023, BurTech Acquisition Corp. entered into an amen..

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$BRKH just filed with the SEC a Financial Exhibit

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Burtech Acquisition Corp. Files SEC Form 8-K $BRKH

Newsfilter posted at 2023-03-06T21:18:42Z

$BRKH Form DEFA14A (additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and rule 14(a)(12) material) filed with the SEC

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$BRKH Form 8-K: As of March 6, 2023, BurTech Acquisition Corp., after payment of income and franchise taxes, has a balance of approximately $296,344,283.81 in the trust account held with Contintal Sto..

dchen49 posted at 2023-03-06T02:54:47Z

$BRKH any ideas of cleanbay?

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$BRKH 📜 BurTech Acquisition Corp. filed SEC Form 8-K: Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement, Financial Statements and Exhibits 45 seconds delayed.

Newsfilter posted at 2023-03-02T11:40:16Z

$BRKH Form 8-K: Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement. On March 1, 2023, BurTech Acquisition Corp. and BurTech LP entered into a non-redemption agreement with one or more unaffiliated third party..

Newsfilter posted at 2023-03-02T11:40:16Z

$BRKH Form DEFA14A (additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and rule 14(a)(12) material) filed with the SEC

Last10K posted at 2023-03-02T11:34:43Z

$BRKH just filed with the SEC a New Agreement and a Financial Exhibit

Quantisnow posted at 2023-03-02T11:29:20Z

$BRKH 📜 SEC Form DEFA14A filed by BurTech Acquisition Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

dchen49 posted at 2023-03-01T12:50:52Z

$BRKH any ideas of clean bay

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How to make the right investment? Compare $BRKH vs. $GGAA. #BurTechAcquisition

Last10K posted at 2023-02-27T11:07:00Z

$BRKH just filed with the SEC a Regulated Disclosure and a Financial Exhibit


Officers, Directors and Director Nominees Our officers, directors and director nominees are as follows: Name Age Position Shahal Khan 49 Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer Isaac Chetrit 59 President Roman Livson 51 Chief Financial Officer Payel Farasat 42 Chief Investment Officer Christopher Schroeder 56 Chief Marketing Officer Amb. Hans H. Hertell 70 Director nominee Gene Zolotarev 54 Director nominee Leon Golden 59 Director nominee Michael Penrod 51 Director nominee Peter Plaut 54 Director nominee Our Management Team Our management team is led by Shahal Khan, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Isaac Chetrit, our President, Roman Livson, our Chief Financial Officer, Payel Farasat, our Chief Investment Officer and Christopher Schroeder, our Chief Marketing Officer. Shahal M. Khan is our Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Khan’s career as an investor, entrepreneur and social venture capitalist spans over 22 years, with investments encompassing telecoms, real estate, energy, natural resources, technology (specific emphasis on Internet-related communications technologies and advanced cyber security solutions) as well as various other industrial sectors. He has been directly responsible for syndication of over $5 billion in equity for projects as a principal through his family trust. 118 Mr. Khan is the founder and since its inception in January 2021, serves as chief executive officer and as a director of Burkhan World Investments LLC, a holding company with diversified investments focusing on reinvesting gains from portfolio investments into companies that have the potential so accelerate sustainability. Mr. Khan is a shareholder of CYVOLVE, a pioneering Cyber security company based out of New York City and London with four patents in data security. Since 2019, Mr. Khan has served as chief exectuive officer and Chairman of the Board of Trinity Hospitality Group LLC based out of New York City, which is currently developing a hotel property in New York City which will be a fully tech-enabled live and work destination in New York City with WIRED, a Condé Naste company. Trinity is currently developing over two billion dollars of a pipeline of “Digital Nomad” properties. Mr. Khan was chairman of the board of directors for Global Data Sentinel, Inc., a data security company, from 2018 through 2019. He is also the founder of Trinity White City Ventures RAK UAE (“White City”), an advisory boutique and family office based in Dubai and was a director from 2012 until 2014. White City made a bid to buy the Plaza Hotel in 2018, closed the transaction, then agreed to the sale of the hotel to the Qatari SWF. Mr. Khan was the founding member of CRME (Colt Middle East) in 2012, a mining company which held gold, copper and lithium concessions in Pakistan and Afghanistan. From 2004 to 2008, he was a board member and shareholder of The Quimera Project, a research and development cluster based in Barcelona, Spain, comprised of over 60 technology companies as well as leading universities with the aim of commercializing technologies that have a positive impact on environmental sustainability. He also has a joint venture with American Ethane Corporation of Houston to invest in up to 6,000 megawatts of power projects in Pakistan in collaboration with General Electric. Mr. Khan was one of the founders of the tier one bank in Bahrain - Fortune Investment House and was focused on real estate investments in Bahrain and other countries in the Middle East. He was also founder of Global Voice Telecom, one of the first companies to receive a license for voice over the Internet in 1997 which subsequently merged into a Nasdaq listed company. Mr. Khan was the chief executive officer of Centile, a software company located in the South of France, which was sold to the European Development Bank in 2008. In 2009 Mr. Khan founded Zebasolar, one of the first developers of Solar power in India. Mr. Khan also served as a director on the boards of GD360 from 2017 through 2019, Mr. Khan is currently appointed senator of the World Business Angels Investment Forum (“WBAF”), as an affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI). WBAF is committed to collaborating globally to empowering the economic development of the world. He is also a commissioner of the US Council on Competitiveness, which is a nonpartisan, leadership organization composed of CEOs, university presidents, labor leaders, and national lab directors committed to ensuring that the United States remains the world leader in innovation . The Council has one main goal: to strengthen America’s competitive advantage by acting as a catalyst for innovative public policy solutions. Mr. Khan was born in New York and has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from American University and studied business management at Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC. We believe that Mr. Khan is well qualified to be our chief executive officer due to his over 22 years of experience in investing in the real estate, energy, natural resources, technology industries. Isaac Chetrit is our President. Mr. Chetrit is a real estate veteran with a background in architecture and electrical engineering. Mr. Chetrit is currently the chief executive officer and a director of Monti Consulting Services, a real estate consulting firm, which positions he has held since 2015. Monti Consulting specializes in retail and hospitality real estate, property technology and management services. In addition, since 2019, Mr. Chetrit has been the president and a director of the Trinity Hospitality Group, a real estate management, consulting, and development firm. Mr. Chetrit began his real estate career under the belt of The Taubman Company, where he built a reputation across major cities in the US. He was instrumental during his career with Taubman in making Dolphin Mall an institution in the industry and led the expansion and business development of many other luxury high end brands, restaurants, and entertainment venues in the USA and overseas. He has cemented valuable credibility in the Real Estate industry through his continuous involvement in functional management areas, project development, and consistently developing projects and brands that have become staples and powerhouses, both in the USA and globally. 119 Mr. Chetrit has also spent the last 20 years merchandising malls, shopping centers, hotels, and specializing in location assessment and negotiations. Later as the vice president of Westfield, Mr. Chetrit was solely responsible for high-end retail and entertainment development for the eastern U.S. During the last two decades, Mr. Chetrit has procured hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions across the U.S. and other parts of the world. For the past couple years, Mr. Chetrit has deep dived into the fintech and proptech space to develop the next generation hospitality and real estate industries, with the objective to leverage these innovations within these industries to address continuing technologically progressive market demands. Mr. Chetrit has a bachelor of science degree in architecture and electrical engineering from ORT Toulouse, France. We believe that Mr. Chetrit is well qualified to be our president due to his extensive experience as a senior officer and director of some of the largest companies in their respective industries. Roman V. Livson is our Chief Financial Officer. Since February 2021, Mr. Livson has been the Chief Financial Officer of Burkhan World, a family office investment company. Mr. Livson is also the Managing Member of BurTech LP, LLC, our Sponsor. Since July 2014, Mr. Livson has been serving as the Chief Compliance Officer at Katalyst Securities LLC, an investment banking firm. Mr. Livson started his professional career in the corporate finance department of PriceWaterhouseCoopers in London and Moscow where he focused on real estate, energy, metals and mining, shipping and logistics and telecommunications sectors. He subsequently worked in the investment banking department of Hagstromer and Qviberg, a leading Swedish brokerage firm. After moving to the US in 2000, Mr. Livson established an investment banking advisory firm to assist companies from Europe and BRIC countries in going public in the US, raising capital and engaging in cross-border mergers and acquisitions transactions. Mr. Livson served as Chief Financial Officer of a US public company where he was responsible for raising capital, structuring acquisitions and divestitures and financial reporting. Mr. Livson raised over $100 million for Oil & Gas, technology and biotechnology companies. Mr. Livson holds Series 7, 24, and 63 registrations with the FINRA. Mr. Livson has a Master’s degree in Mathematical Finance from Columbia University, a Masters in Physics from Moscow Institute Of Electronics Engineering, and a Banking and Financing Degree from The London School of Economics. We believe that Mr. Livson is well qualified to be our chief financial officer due to his extensive experience in the financial markets and as a seasoned financial officer. Payel Farasat is our Chief Investment Officer. Since December 2020, Ms. Farasat has been the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Burkhan World Investments LLC (“Burkhan”) and the Co-founder and Managing Partner of V4 Capital LLC, a bespoke consultancy and private equity firm that specializes in investing with purpose, impact and heart. Since December 2017, Ms. Farasat has been the Managing Principal of Farasat Consulting Group LLC (“FCG”), a business and management consulting firm. Ms. Farasat is also the Founder & Master Coach of Project Me Coaching, a transformational coaching and advisory organization which she founded in June 2017. Ms. Farasat has over 20 years of experience, intuition, and conviction in asset management and financial advising. This combination enables Ms. Farasat to quickly capture data, patterns, and themes that shape her views on sentiment and positioning, as well as, inform her vision about the future relative to global economics and changing demographics. Consistently searching for new ways to interpret capital market dynamics, Ms. Farasat chairs Burkhan’s Investment Committee and curates investment policy and portfolio management for Burkhan’s global ecosystem of group companies. Deploying modern academic thinking that strives to improve expected returns, manage risk, and reduce costs, Ms. Farasat researches and analyzes the landscape of rapid growth companies in the InfraTech/PropTech/FinTech, Artificial Intelligence/Quantum Computing, MediaTech/eSports/eGaming, BioTech, Healthcare, HospitalityTech, Alternative Energy, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency sectors - searching for exceptional businesses to invest in and grow. Ms. Farasat guides the process of infusing capital into innovative ventures that bring revolutionary technologies and experiences expected to have long-term positive impact on the world and our future. In this process, she creates custom capital raise solutions for Burkhan’s portfolio companies. Ms. Farasat is passionate about enabling democratized access to private equity investments and tailors custom participation strategies for institutional and accredited investors interested in co-investing in companies that Burkhan is taking public. "See the entire landscape with a diverse set of eyes within an endless feedback loop - Iterate, Rinse, Repeat.” is Ms. Farasat’s mantra for financial consciousness, profitability, growth, and sustainable global impact. 120 Prior to Burkhan, from February 2015 to November 2017, Ms. Farasat was the Chief Investment Officer of Loring Ward Securities Inc. (“Loring Ward”), a Turnkey Asset Management Provider and The SA Funds, Loring Ward’s proprietary mutual fund family with over $16 Billion in assets under management. Payel chaired Loring Ward’s Investment Committee (that included Noble-laureate Dr. Harry Markowitz) and led the investment division. On the executive team, she was directly responsible for the firm’s investment philosophy, policy, portfolio management, and messaging. She also managed the development of all investment strategy, methodology, performance, risk attribution analysis, 3rd party manager oversight, board reporting, fintech solutions, public relations, and public commentaries. Prior to Loring Ward, Ms. Farasat was at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”) from September 2007 through February 2015, as the Regional Vice President of Charles Schwab Investment Management (“CSIM”), and earlier as Senior Manager of the Strategic Trading Group (“STG”), where she specialized in complex hedging and advanced trading strategies for ultra-high net worth investors and financial advisors. Before joining Schwab, Ms. Farasat was an independent Advanced Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. (“Ameriprise”) where she provided comprehensive financial planning and asset management to clients, businesses, and 401(k)s from July 2002 to September 2007. Ms. Farasat earned a Bachelors in Economics from University of California at Berkeley, with a double minor in Computer Science and Business Administration, from the Haas School of Business, Summa cum Laude, and a Master’s of Science in Financial Analysis (MScFA) from University of San Francisco, Magna cum Laude. Ms. Farasat is also ICF Certified Coach and a PHI Certified Pranic Healer. We believe that Ms. Farasat is well qualified to be our chief investment officer due to her many years of experience as a financial investor and advisor. Christopher Schroeder is our Chief Marketing Officer. Over the last 30 years, Mr. Schroeder has also been an interactive media pioneer, visionary resort developer, brand creator and marketing leader for globally recognized brands. He brings and award-winning background in creating and implementing large scale marketing, branding, and development projects for globally recognized organizations including American Express, California Tourism Commission, UMUSIC Hotels and MGM Resorts. Since November of 2019, Mr. Schroeder has served as the chief executive officer of Experiential Ventures, LLC, a leading experiential hotel brand development company, where Mr. Schroeder manages all aspects of the business. From February 2016 through July 2019, Mr. Schroeder served as the managing partner and a director of Dakia Entertainment & Hospitality. He was a founding partner of the UMUSIC hotel and entertainment center concept that is a partnership with the world’s largest music company, Universal Music Group. He is also a key player in its expansion, creating iconic projects. Mr. Schroeder is also leading the creation and expansion of the WIRED Hotel brand, having an exclusive license to the brand. Mr. Schroeder is also leading the creation and expansion of other major projects with legacy brands including Sports Illustrated, Condé Nast, Authentic Brands Group and Emmitt Smith. From 2013 to 2015, Mr. Schroeder previously served as chief marketing officer for Veremonte, a multi-billion-dollar investment company based in London, where he worked to create the largest leisure development in Europe, bringing partnerships with Hard Rock Hotels and Cirque du Soleil. He also worked to incubate and launch Formula E, the first fully electric racing championship in the world, with such notable partners as Leonardo di Caprio, Michael Andretti, Alain Prost, and Virgin Racing. Races are held in iconic cities including Paris, London, and New York. As an interactive media pioneer, in 1995 Mr. Schroeder founded Reservation, the world’s leading internet development company for the hospitality industry at the time. From 1995 through 2003, he led the development of the first online reservation system of its kind in the travel industry for MGM Resorts and Hilton/Park Place Entertainment. During this time Mr. Schroeder also played a lead role in creating and implementing the largest rebranding and redevelopment campaign in history for MGM Resorts, which included developing multimedia roadshow to present to stockholders and Wall Street investors to secure funding to implement the massive project. Mr. Schroeder also served as president of the interactive division for Custom Marketing Group, the exclusive destination marketing group at the time for American Express, where he developed and managed digital media campaigns for over 20 leading tourism boards. Mr. Schroeder has also been a leader in travel marketing, incentives, and loyalty, having created a patented rewards system and founding a leading incentive company that created proprietary products and long-term marketing campaigns for companies including Capital One, American Express, Bank of America, Samsonite, and Ford Motor Company. Many of his programs were ongoing and included massive cooperative marketing initiatives incorporating local tourism boards, corporate partners, attractions, media, airlines, and hotels. Schroeder also created the first custom travel offers for the Today Show, the #1 morning show in America, in addition to Fox and Friends, CBS, and others. Additionally, Schroeder, in partnership with Steve Burks, created a proprietary travel rewards system that multiple companies used including the world’s largest online travel company, Priceline/ During college, Mr. Schroeder founded one of the largest college travel and marketing companies in the country, with clients including Ocean Pacific, Miller Beer, Hawaiian Tropics and Ujena Swimwear. This led to him being hired directly out of college to serve as the National Marketing and Retail Director for the company owning Ujena Swimwear, Swimwear Illustrated and Runner’s World Magazines. Mr. Schroeder attended Texas State University, San Marcos. We believe that Mr. Schroeder is well qualified to be our chief marketing officer due to his extraordinary experience in marketing and building brands at some the world’s leading companies. 121 Our Director Nominees Leon Golden is one of our director nominees. Mr. Golden is a chartered public accountant and has worked as an accountant at ARG Associates, Inc. an accounting firm in Brooklyn, New York since 1996. Mr. Golden has also been serving as a director for ARG Associates, Inc. since 1996. Mr. Golden has spent the past 25 years representing public and private companies in all areas of accounting practices. Through his expertise as a financial accountant, and his experience working with publicly traded companies, qualifies Mr. Golden to act as our financial expert. Mr. Golden has a CPA and a bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College. Gene Zolotarev is one of our director nominees. In 2019 Mr. Zolotarev founded Baltic Technology Ventures JSC (NASDAQ:BTE1R), the Baltic region's only publicly traded venture capital firm with an angel network, where he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Director as Head of the Investment Committee. Baltic Tech Ventures focuses on venture capital investments in technology companies and innovation projects. Mr. Zolotarev founded Maximus Capital SA in 2008 where he still serves as Chairman of the Board. Maximus Capital is as a multi-family office with deep expertise in identifying special situation investment opportunities – both in liquid markets and private equity, based in Switzerland. Mr. Zolotarev is currently the Chairman of Baltic News, Ltd, publisher of the Baltic Times, the leading English-language daily newspaper for the Baltic region. For over 20 years, Mr. Zolotarev has held a number of senior executive and board positions at prominent U.S., Russian and Baltic commercial and investment banks

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10-Q 10-Q 2022-08-15
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10-Q FORM 10-Q 2022-05-16
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8-K FORM 8-K 2022-01-31
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CORRESP 2021-12-08
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