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Argus Capital Corp. - ARGU

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Target: Searching
Days Since IPO: 637
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Each unit has an offering price of $10.00 and consists of one share of Class A common stock and one-third of one redeemable warrant
Trust Size: 30000000.0M

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Quantisnow posted at 2023-02-14T12:43:06Z

$ARGU 📜 SEC Form SC 13G/A filed by Argus Capital Corp. (Amendment) 45 seconds delayed.

Newsfilter posted at 2023-02-14T12:42:20Z

$ARGU Form SC 13G/A (statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership by individuals) filed with the SEC

Quantisnow posted at 2022-12-30T14:34:08Z

$ARGU 📜 SEC Form 15-12G filed by Argus Capital Corp. This and other insights appear 45 seconds early at 💪 💪

Newsfilter posted at 2022-12-30T14:33:19Z

$ARGU Form 15-12G (securities registration termination [section 12(g)]) filed with the SEC

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Zero shares available to short currently in $ARGU.

shortablestocks posted at 2022-12-23T16:01:31Z

Zero shares available to short currently in $ARGU.

Last10K posted at 2022-12-20T21:47:55Z

$ARGU just filed with the SEC a New Agreement, a Security Holders Change, a Bylaw Change, a Vote of Security Holders and a Financial Exhibit

Quantisnow posted at 2022-12-20T21:38:10Z

$ARGU 📜 Argus Capital Corp. filed SEC Form 8-K: Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement, Material Modification to Rights of Security Holders, Other Events, Amendments to Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws; Change in Fiscal Year, Submission of Matters to a Vote of Security Holders, Financial Statements and Exhibits 45 seconds delayed.

Newsfilter posted at 2022-12-20T21:37:20Z

$ARGU Form 8-K: Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement. The information set forth in Item 3.03 is incorporated herein by reference to the extent required. Item 3.03 Material Modification to Rights..

Quantisnow posted at 2022-12-20T21:15:10Z

$ARGU 📜 SEC Form 25-NSE filed by Argus Capital Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

Newsfilter posted at 2022-12-20T21:14:21Z

$ARGU Form 25-NSE (notification filed by national security exchange to report the removal from listing and registration of matured, redeemed or retired securities) filed with the SEC

Quantisnow posted at 2022-11-28T22:02:01Z

$ARGU 📜 SEC Form DEF 14A filed by Argus Capital Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

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$ARGU Form DEF 14A (other definitive proxy statements) filed with the SEC

Quantisnow posted at 2022-11-17T22:40:20Z

$ARGU Multiple insights just appeared: 1. 📜 Argus Capital Corp. filed SEC Form 8-K: Other Events 2. 📜 SEC Form DEFA14A filed by Argus Capital Corp. #industrials

Newsfilter posted at 2022-11-17T22:17:41Z

$ARGU Form DEFA14A (additional definitive proxy soliciting materials and rule 14(a)(12) material) filed with the SEC

Newsfilter posted at 2022-11-17T22:17:02Z

$ARGU Form 8-K: On November 17, 2022, Argus Capital Corp. filed a preliminary proxy statement that contains proposals to amend the Company’s amended and restated certificate of incorporation and the C..

Quantisnow posted at 2022-11-17T22:16:49Z

$ARGU 📜 SEC Form PRE 14A filed by Argus Capital Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

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$ARGU Form PRE 14A (other preliminary proxy statements) filed with the SEC

Last10K posted at 2022-11-11T00:41:28Z

$ARGU just filed a 10-Q Quarterly Report with 6 financial statements and 30 disclosures. Access them all or just read their earnings:

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$ARGU 📜 SEC Form 10-Q filed by Argus Capital Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

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$ARGU Form 10-Q (quarterly report [sections 13 or 15(d)]) filed with the SEC

InsiderForms posted at 2022-09-30T20:10:18Z

HGC Investment Management Inc.,has filed Form 13F for Q2 2022.Opened NEW positions in $ANAC $ARGU $ATVC $ATVCW $AUS $BFAC $CCAI $CNDA

InsiderForms posted at 2022-08-15T16:11:38Z

HGC Investment Management Inc.,has filed Form 13F for Q2 2022.Opened NEW positions in $ANAC $ARGU $ATVC $ATVCW $AUS $BFAC $CCAI $CNDA

Last10K posted at 2022-08-12T22:39:23Z

$ARGU just filed a 10-Q Quarterly Report with 6 financial statements and 29 disclosures. Access them all or just read their earnings:

Quantisnow posted at 2022-08-12T20:11:46Z

$ARGU 📜 SEC Form 10-Q filed by Argus Capital Corp. 45 seconds delayed.

InsiderForms posted at 2022-05-16T15:50:33Z

Governors Lane LP,has filed Form 13F for Q1 2022.Opened NEW positions in $ACRO $ACRO/WS $ADAL $ADALW $OABI $OABIW $APCA $APCA/WS $ARGU

Last10K posted at 2022-05-13T21:54:18Z

$ARGU just filed a 10-Q Quarterly Report with 41 sections and 4 exhibits. Access them all or just read their earnings:

Newsfilter posted at 2022-05-13T20:41:47Z

$ARGU Form 10-Q (quarterly report [sections 13 or 15(d)]) filed with the SEC

Quantisnow posted at 2022-05-13T20:38:30Z

$ARGU 📜 SEC Form 10-Q filed by Argus Capital Corp. 45 seconds delayed.


Our officers, directors and director nominees are as follows: Name Age Position Joseph R. Ianniello 53 Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Marc DeBevoise 44 President and Vice Chairman Andrew R. Sriubas 52 Director Nominee Alan G. Mnuchin 60 Director Nominee Dr. Dana Beth Ardi 73 Director Nominee Pooja Midha 43 Director Nominee Saif Rahman 43 Chief Financial Officer Gautam Ranji 51 Chief Strategy Officer Charles Pavlounis 55 Chief Business Development Officer Dana McClintock 50 Chief Communications Officer Stephen D. Mirante 57 Chief Administrative Officer Kelli Raftery 49 Chief Marketing Officer Maria Corsaro Charon 44 Senior Vice President, Mergers and Acquisitions Joseph R. Ianniello has served as chairman of our board of directors and our Chief Executive Officer since our inception. Mr. Ianniello is a proven leader in the media industry with a successful track record of leading, evolving, growing and transforming businesses throughout his career. From September 2018 to December 2019, Mr. Ianniello was President and acting Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation prior to its merger with Viacom, Inc. From December 2019 to February 2020, he served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Entertainment Group. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing all CBS-branded assets, including the CBS Television Network, which encompasses CBS Entertainment, CBS News, and CBS Sports; CBS Television Studios; CBS Interactive, including CBS All Access; CBS Television Distribution, its leading first-run syndication division; and CBS Television Stations. From 2013 to 2018, Mr. Ianniello served as Chief Operating Officer of CBS and was responsible for establishing and executing company strategy across all businesses. From 2009 to 2013, he was Chief Financial Officer of CBS and oversaw the company’s financial operations across all business units. Mr. Ianniello was consistently ranked as a top Chief Financial Officer by Institutional Investor’s annual All-America Executive Team survey. During his tenure in these senior executive roles, Mr. Ianniello was instrumental in positioning CBS as a global multiplatform premium content company. He acted on this vision through a number of key operational steps including the monetization of retransmission consent fees and reverse compensation from local television station affiliates, as well as the licensing of the CBS content around the world for digital streaming and broadband services. Mr. Ianniello also oversaw the launch of CBS All Access, CBS’ digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service, as well as Showtime’s “over-the-top” streaming service, which together became one of the company’s fastest growing initiatives. He led all company acquisitions and divestitures for more than 10 years, including the split-off of CBS Radio through a merger with Entercom. In addition, Mr. Ianniello led the conversion of CBS Outdoor into a real-estate investment trust, marking a first for an outdoor advertising business. From 2000 to 2005, Ianniello served as Chief Development Officer, overseeing all business development until the separation from Viacom. He began his career at CBS in 1997. Mr. Ianniello earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Pace University and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. We believe Mr. Ianniello is well-qualified to serve as a member of our board of directors due to his extensive experience as a senior business executive and his contacts and relationships. Marc DeBevoise will serve as Vice Chairman of our board of directors and our President upon the consummation of this offering. Mr. DeBevoise is an accomplished leader with wide-ranging experience in the direct-to-consumer, media and technology industries. From November 2019 to December 2020, he served as Chief Executive Officer and President of ViacomCBS Digital (previously known as CBS Interactive) and as Chief Digital Officer of ViacomCBS. From July 2016 to November 2019, Mr. DeBevoise served as President and Chief Operating Officer of CBS Interactive. From October 2012 to July 2016, he served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Digital Media for CBS Interactive. From July 2011 to October 2012, he served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of CBS Entertainment Digital. From January 2006 to June 2011, Mr. DeBevoise served as Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Business Development and Strategy of Starz. 106 From February 2004 to December 2005, he held various roles at NBC Universal. Mr. DeBevoise started his career in media and technology as an investment banker at Hambrecht & Quist (“H&Q”) and in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Investment Banking Group at JPMorgan (via its acquisition of H&Q). During his almost 10 years at CBS and ViacomCBS, Mr. DeBevoise helped lead the companies through the mobile, social and streaming revolutions. As CEO and President of ViacomCBS Digital (previously CBS Interactive), he was responsible for the rapidly growing, multi-billion-dollar-revenue digital and streaming businesses of ViacomCBS. As Chief Digital Officer of ViacomCBS, he managed the company’s unified digital and technology operations globally and led it to become a major player in direct-to-consumer streaming and a top 10 U.S. Internet company. Mr. DeBevoise spearheaded the company’s direct-to-consumer streaming strategies, including the founding of CBS All Access and its transformation into Paramount+, as well as launching 24/7 news, sports and entertainment streaming channels CBSN, CBS Sports HQ and ETLive. Mr. DeBevoise and his teams led the development, creation, and acquisition of a broad array of content for these services including numerous major, Emmy-nominated original series, including Star Trek, The Good Fight, The Twilight Zone and Texas 6, and 24/7 news content and major sports franchises, including securing streaming rights for the NFL and UEFA Champions League. As President and Chief Operating Officer of CBS Interactive, Mr. DeBevoise oversaw strategy and operations for all of CBS Interactive’s 25-plus industry-leading brands including the digital businesses of the CBS Television Network, such as, CBS All Access, CBSN,, CBS Sports Fantasy and, as well as CNET Media Group, CBS Interactive’s leading tech, games and media properties, including CNET, TVGuide, GameSpot, and Metacritic. As Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Digital Media for CBS Interactive, Mr. DeBevoise was responsible for the digital media businesses of the CBS Television Network’s major programming divisions of entertainment, sports and news. In these roles, he was also responsible the company’s digital distribution strategies, including full episode streaming, dynamic ad insertion on cable VOD platforms, TV Everywhere/Authentication and its direct-to-consumer subscription video on demand and live streaming initiatives. As Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Business Development and Strategy of Starz, a premium subscription service, Mr. DeBevoise was responsible for the company’s overall digital strategy and the digital initiatives supporting its film, television and digital original content properties. He also led the generation, evaluation and execution of business development, strategic investment, and growth opportunities for all of Starz’ business units, including the divestiture of its animation units and the founding of its film studio, Overture Films. At NBC Universal, Mr. DeBevoise held various roles in both digital media and business development, and was a member of the corporate team that led NBC’s acquisition of Universal, one of the largest media mergers in history at the time. Since November 2018, Mr. DeBevoise has served as a member of the board of directors at Limelight Networks (Nasdaq: LLNW), a provider of edge cloud, content delivery and security computing services. Mr. DeBevoise received his M.B.A. with distinction in Entertainment, Media & Technology and Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business and his B.A. in Economics and Computer Science from Tufts University. Mr. DeBevoise is well qualified to serve as a director due to his extensive experience as a senior business executive. Andrew R. Sriubas is a director nominee. Mr. Sriubas has worked in senior executive operating roles in the media industry for the past 10 years. Prior to that, he spent over 20 years as an investment banker and as a managing director at JP Morgan, UBS Securities, and Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, advising technology, media, and telecommunications companies. Along with his deep understanding of product development, sales channel expansion and digital operations, Sriubas has strong expertise in corporate finance, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, investor relations and extensive public and private board experience. Since July 2017, Mr. Sriubas has served as Chief Commercial Officer of Outfront Media (NYSE: OUT). From July 2014 to July 2017, he was Outfront’s Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning & Development. While at Outfront, Mr. Sriubas has led an effort to transform traditional location-based media into the contemporary age of digital audience marketing with measurable return on investment. This included starting and scaling a first of its kind geo-spatial data-science organization; designing, building, and then contract-manufacturing advanced displays with partners in China, Korea, and Taiwan; assembling a product development organization to realign digital advertising spend via dynamic content distribution across the physical world and engaging vendors and national landlord partners with the new strategy. Mr. Sriubas also continues to develop multiple monetization opportunities for the business, including a cell-tower business. From 2013 to 2014, Mr. Sriubas was Chief of Strategy & Corporate Development at Sonifi Solutions, Inc., where he was responsible for digital operations, corporate partnerships, product, content and digital deployment systems. Mr. Sriubas is currently a member of the board of directors of NanoScent, a health technology company and a member of the executive board of the Media Ratings Council. Mr. Sriubas has served in board and advisory capacities with several charitable organizations and venture capital investment funds. Mr. Sriubas is a graduate of Boston College’s Carroll School of Business. Mr. Sriubas is well qualified to be a director due to his extensive experience as a senior business executive. 107 Alan G. Mnuchin is a director nominee. Mr. Mnuchin founded and has been the chief executive officer of Ariliam Group, a principal investment and strategic consulting firm, since January 2019. From June 2020, Mr. Mnuchin served as the chairman and chief executive officer of Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: FCAC), a special purpose acquisition company that raised $345 million in its IPO in September 2020, until it consummated its initial business combination with Sharecare, Inc., a digital healthcare platform company, in July 2021, and currently serves as a director of Sharecare. Mr. Mnuchin is chairman and chief executive officer of Falcon Capital Acquisition Corp. II, a special purpose acquisition company that announced its plan to raise $400 million in its IPO. Mr. Mnuchin has invested in various media and technology companies prior to and since founding Ariliam Group. Mr. Mnuchin served as a member of the board of directors of Flying Eagle Acquisition Corp. from May 2020 until the consummation of its business combination with Skillz Inc. in December 2020. Mr. Mnuchin served as a member of the board of directors of Target Hospitality Corp. (Nasdaq: TH) from January 2019 to March 2019. In 2003, Mr. Mnuchin formed the boutique investment bank AGM Partners LLC, through which he has acted as a strategic M&A advisor to leading corporate, entrepreneurial and private equity clients on transactions totaling over $80 billion until January 2019. Prior to founding AGM Partners, Mr. Mnuchin was the global head of the media group of Lehman Brothers from 2000 to 2003. Previously, Mr. Mnuchin was head of the media and entertainment group at Bear Stearns from 1996 to 2000. Prior to joining Bear Stearns, Mr. Mnuchin was a senior member of the communications, media and entertainment group at The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE: GS), where he started his career in 1984 and worked until 1996, with primary responsibility for the group’s media industry efforts. We believe Mr. Mnuchin is well qualified to serve on our board of directors due to his extensive knowledge of the media, entertainment and technology fields and considerable experience in merger and acquisition transactions. Dr. Dana Beth Ardi is a director nominee. Dr. Ardi is a thought leader and expert in the fields of executive search and talent management, organizational design, assessment, leadership and coaching. As an innovator in the human capital movement, Dr. Ardi creates enhanced value in companies by matching the most sought after talent with the best opportunities. Dr. Ardi coaches boards and investors on the art and science of building high caliber management teams. She provides them with the necessary skills to seek out and attract top-level management, to design the ideal organizational architectures and to deploy people against strategy. Dr. Ardi unearths the way a business works and the most effective way for people to work in them. Dr. Dana Ardi is an experienced business executive and senior consultant who leverages business organizational transformation through talent strategies. She uses her knowledge and experience to develop talent strategies to enhance revenue and profit contributions. She has a deep expertise in change management and organizational effectiveness and has designed and built high performance cultures. Dr. Ardi has significant experience in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, IPOs and turnarounds. Dr. Ardi is an expert on the multi-generational workforce. She understands the four intersecting generations of workers coming together in contemporary companies, each with their own mindsets, leadership and communications styles, values and motivations. Dr. Ardi is sought after to assist companies manage and thrive by bringing the generations together. Her book, The Fall of the Alphas: The New Beta Way to Connect, Collaborate, Influence—and Lead, was published by St. Martin’s Press, October 2013. The book reflects Dr. Ardi’s deep expertise in understanding organizations and our changing society. It focuses on building a winning culture, how companies must grow and evolve, and how talent influences and shapes communities of work. This is what she has coined “Corporate Anthropology.” It is a playbook on how modern companies must meet challenges – culturally, globally, digitally, across genders and generations. Since January 2009, Dr. Dana Ardi has served as Managing Director and Founder of Corporate Anthropology Advisors, LLC, a consulting company that provides human capital advisory and innovative solutions to companies building value through people. From 1998 to 2009, Dr. Ardi served as a Partner and Managing Director at the private equity firm CCMP Capital (previously known as JPMorgan Partners). From 1997 to 2000, she was a partner at Flatiron Partners, a venture capital firm working with early state companies where she pioneered the human capital role within an investment portfolio. From December 1995 to June 2000, Dr. Ardi served as co-chair of Global Communications, Entertainment and Technology Practice of TMP Worldwide, where she redefined the art and science of Human Capital Management. From her work with dozens of companies, on hundreds of searches, involving thousands of candidates, Dr. Ardi has acquired an in-depth knowledge not only of the leading companies and managers, but of industries, the importance of organizations on which they depend and the most promising future business opportunities where people are the strategy. From January 1994 to May 1995, Dr. Ardi served as Senior Vice President of New Media for R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company where she was responsible for joint ventures and strategic alliances and guided venture capital investments in new media and information technologies. From April 1987 to June 1989, she was President of The Infotainment Corporation where she consulted for various leading studios, publishers, technology, retail and telecommunications companies. From March 1983 to April 1987, Dr. Ardi was a Vice President at McGraw-Hill Productions, a division 108 of McGraw-Hill Broadcasting. Dr. Ardi served on the board of AMC Entertainment Inc. from 2009 to 2012. Among her many philanthropic efforts, she is on the Executive Committee of Working Nation and a board member of the M Center of Excellence. She is a frequent contributor to the arts and has donated to and supported museums and arts organizations throughout the country. From February 1976 to August 1982, she was a professor at the Graduate Center at Fordham University in New York. Dr. Ardi holds a BS from the State University of New York at Buffalo as well as an MS and PhD from Boston College. Dr. Ardi is well qualified to serve on our board of directors due to her extensive experience in providing thought leadership in corporate transformations. Pooja Midha is a director nominee. Since March 2021, Ms. Midha has served as chief growth officer at Comcast Advertising, the advertising division of Comcast Cable. In this role, she leads global marketing across Comcast Advertising, which includes FreeWheel, a Comcast company, which provides global technology solutions for the future of television advertising, and Effectv, Comcast Cable’s ad sales division, as well as Effectv’s newly launched sales development function. Ms. Midha and her team build awareness for each company’s differentiated value and accelerate growth for local, regional and national market opportunities. In addition, she oversees Comcast Advertising’s brand offerings, enhancing products and solutions for the rapidly changing video marketplace, including the shift to audience-based advertising, the growth of multi-screen content consumption and an increasing emphasis on data and campaign effectiveness. Ms. Midha has more than 20 years of experience in the media and advertising sector, with a track record of transforming businesses, creating new and innovative models, developing brands, partnerships and talent and exceeding financial goals. From February 2018 to March 2021, Ms. Midha served as president of advertising technology company true[X]. As president, Ms. Midha was credited with leading the company through two acquisitions while also growing true[X]’s advertiser, premium publisher and technology partnerships, expanding its industry leading product suite, and generating record revenue and operating income. From August 2012 to January 2018, Ms. Midha was senior vice president, digital ad sales and operations for the ABC Television Network. In this role, she created and led the network’s digital sales vision and managed its digital sales team. Ms. Midha and her team also spearheaded the development of several new video offerings, including programmatic and addressable advertising, major digital platform partnerships and new products around social, custom ads and branded content. From June 2005 to February 2012, Ms. Midha held a variety of senior sales and marketing roles at Viacom, in both a domestic and global capacity, including positions at MTV Networks, MTV Networks International and Nickelodeon. She started her career in ad

Holder Stats

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Institutional Holders

Reporting Date Hedge Fund Shares Held Market Value % of Portfolio Quarterly Change in Shares Ownership in Company
2022-11-21 Parallax Volatility Advisers L.P. 151,777 $1,530,000 0.0% 0 0.398%
2022-11-15 Parallax Volatility Advisers L.P. 151,777 $1,530,000 0.0% 0 0.398%
2022-11-15 Polar Asset Management Partners Inc. 759,998 $7,640,000 0.1% +52.0% 1.995%
2022-11-15 Marshall Wace LLP 1,120,689 $11,260,000 0.0% +431.8% 2.942%
2022-11-15 First Trust Capital Management L.P. 121,020 $1,220,000 0.1% 0 0.318%
2022-11-15 Citadel Advisors LLC 1,726,959 $17,370,000 0.0% -4.8% 4.534%
2022-11-14 Shaolin Capital Management LLC 100,000 $1,010,000 0.0% 0 0.263%
2022-11-14 Cubist Systematic Strategies LLC 76,458 $770,000 0.0% +147.1% 0.201%
2022-11-14 Verition Fund Management LLC 515,703 $5,190,000 0.1% +24.1% 1.354%
2022-11-14 UBS Oconnor LLC 477,246 $4,800,000 0.1% -9.1% 1.253%
2022-11-10 Wolverine Asset Management LLC 532,329 $5,350,000 0.1% +60.0% 1.398%
2022-11-10 Bank of Montreal Can 1,204,266 $12,120,000 0.0% -31.9% 3.162%
2022-11-09 Toronto Dominion Bank 41,925 $420,000 0.0% -71.6% 0.110%
2022-11-08 Periscope Capital Inc. 785,730 $7,900,000 0.2% +21.3% 2.063%
2022-11-02 Landscape Capital Management L.L.C. 15,999 $160,000 0.0% 0 0.042%
2022-10-24 Calamos Advisors LLC 150,000 $1,510,000 0.0% 0 0.394%
2022-09-30 HGC Investment Management Inc. 250,000 $2,500,000 0.1% 0 0.656%
2022-08-24 Prelude Capital Management LLC 24,050 $240,000 0.0% -32.2% 0.063%
2022-08-15 Dryden Capital LLC 686,654 $6,880,000 4.6% +12.4% 1.803%
2022-08-15 Cubist Systematic Strategies LLC 30,942 $310,000 0.0% +33.9% 0.081%
2022-08-15 Karpus Management Inc. 21,625 $220,000 0.0% -13.5% 0.057%
2022-08-12 Sculptor Capital LP 1,072,751 $10,730,000 0.1% -30.0% 2.816%
2022-08-11 Bank of Montreal Can 1,769,400 $17,690,000 0.0% -9.2% 4.645%
2022-08-11 JPMorgan Chase & Co. 50,000 $500,000 0.0% 0 0.131%
2022-08-05 Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. 800,000 $8,000,000 0.6% +166.7% 2.100%
2022-08-03 Wolverine Asset Management LLC 332,628 $3,330,000 0.0% -5.4% 0.873%
2022-05-27 Walleye Capital LLC 15,491 $160,000 0.0% -14.6% 0.041%
2022-05-20 Sculptor Capital LP 1,533,267 $15,300,000 0.1% +21.3% 4.025%
2022-05-17 Walleye Capital LLC 15,491 $160,000 0.0% -14.6% 0.041%
2022-05-17 Weiss Multi Strategy Advisers LLC 200,000 $2,000,000 0.0% -16.7% 0.525%
2022-05-17 Royal Bank of Canada 8,300 $83,000 0.0% -17.0% 0.022%
2022-05-17 Radcliffe Capital Management L.P. 573,713 $5,730,000 0.1% +17.1% 1.506%
2022-05-17 Governors Lane LP 700,000 $6,990,000 0.5% 0 1.838%
2022-05-12 Bank of Montreal Can 1,947,800 $19,440,000 0.0% 0 5.113%
2022-05-11 Highbridge Capital Management LLC 190,650 $1,900,000 0.0% -4.7% 0.500%
2022-05-09 Context Capital Management LLC 475,600 $4,750,000 0.3% 0 1.248%
2022-05-09 Toronto Dominion Bank 147,630 $1,470,000 0.0% 0 0.388%
2022-05-04 Wolverine Asset Management LLC 351,508 $3,510,000 0.0% -27.3% 0.923%
2022-04-29 Mint Tower Capital Management B.V. 300,000 $2,990,000 0.3% 0 0.788%
2022-03-15 Beryl Capital Management LLC 999,998 $9,900,000 0.5% 0 2.625%
2022-02-16 Apollo Management Holdings L.P. 264,000 $2,610,000 0.0% 0 0.693%
2022-02-15 Saba Capital Management L.P. 767,570 $7,600,000 0.1% 0 2.015%
2022-02-15 Karpus Management Inc. 25,000 $250,000 0.0% 0 0.066%
2022-02-15 Kepos Capital LP 924,254 $9,150,000 0.8% 0 2.426%
2022-02-15 683 Capital Management LLC 500,000 $4,950,000 0.2% 0 1.313%
2022-02-14 D. E. Shaw & Co. Inc. 843,036 $8,359,999 0.0% 0 2.213%
2022-02-14 TENOR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Co. L.P. 25,000 $250,000 0.0% 0 0.066%
2022-02-14 Whitebox Advisors LLC 50,000 $500,000 0.0% 0 0.131%
2022-02-14 CSS LLC IL 280,144 $2,770,000 0.1% 0 0.735%
2022-02-14 Radcliffe Capital Management L.P. 490,000 $4,850,000 0.1% 0 1.286%
2022-02-14 Taconic Capital Advisors LP 750,000 $7,440,000 0.3% 0 1.969%
2022-02-14 HBK Investments L P 200,000 $1,980,000 0.0% 0 0.525%
2022-02-11 Dryden Capital LLC 611,000 $6,090,000 4.4% 0 1.604%
2022-02-10 Citigroup Inc. 144,001 $1,430,000 0.0% 0 0.378%
2022-02-10 Picton Mahoney Asset Management 500,000 $4,950,000 0.1% 0 1.313%
2022-02-09 Wolverine Asset Management LLC 483,598 $4,790,000 0.0% 0 1.269%
2022-01-31 Dupont Capital Management Corp 50,000 $500,000 0.0% 0 0.131%
2022-01-25 Deltec Asset Management LLC 50,000 $500,000 0.1% 0 0.131%
2022-01-21 Segantii Capital Management Ltd 50,000 $500,000 0.0% 0 0.131%

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Form Type Form Description Filing Date Document Link
10-Q 10-Q 2022-08-12
10-Q 10-Q 2022-05-13
SC 13G SC 13G 2022-04-05
10-K/A FORM 10-K/A 2022-04-01
10-K FORM 10-K 2022-04-01
NT 10-K NT 10-K 2022-04-01
10-Q/A FORM 10-Q/A 2022-03-29
8-K 8-K 2022-03-22
SC 13G SC 13G 2022-03-04
SC 13G/A SC 13G/A 2022-02-14
SC 13G SC 13G 2021-11-24
10-Q FORM 10-Q 2021-11-19
NT 10-Q NT 10-Q 2021-11-16
8-K 8-K 2021-11-10
8-K 8-K 2021-10-01
8-K 8-K 2021-09-27
424B4 424B4 2021-09-23
CERT 2021-09-22
EFFECT 2021-09-21
3 FORM 3 SUBMISSION 2021-09-21
3 FORM 3 SUBMISSION 2021-09-21
3 FORM 3 SUBMISSION 2021-09-21
3 FORM 3 SUBMISSION 2021-09-21
3 FORM 3 SUBMISSION 2021-09-21
3 FORM 3 SUBMISSION 2021-09-21
3 FORM 3 SUBMISSION 2021-09-21
3 FORM 3 SUBMISSION 2021-09-21
S-1MEF S-1MEF 2021-09-21
8-A12B 8-A12B 2021-09-21
S-1/A S-1/A 2021-09-20
CORRESP 2021-09-17
CORRESP 2021-09-17
S-1/A S-1/A 2021-09-15
S-1/A S-1/A 2021-08-27
S-1/A S-1/A 2021-08-26
CORRESP 2021-07-28
S-1/A S-1/A 2021-07-28
UPLOAD 2021-07-27
S-1 S-1 2021-07-22
DRSLTR 2021-07-22
UPLOAD 2021-06-30
DRS 2021-06-07