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Bridgetown Holdings Ltd - BTWN

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SPAC Stats

Market Cap: 154.4M
Average Volume: 120.6K
52W Range: $9.79 - $10.30
Weekly %: +0.20%
Monthly %: +0.30%
Inst Owners: 34


Target: Searching
Days Since IPO: 978
Unit composition:
Each unit has an offering price of $10.00 and consists of one of our Class A ordinary shares and one-half of one redeemable warrant
Trust Size: 50000000.0M

🕵Stocktwit Mentions

JD1124 posted at 2023-06-20T12:30:23Z

$BTWN does anyone know if they discussed warrants in any way? I haven’t seen anything

BLtheKid posted at 2023-06-16T13:15:38Z

$BTWN after all this time, maybe you guys will get lucky and there will be an $EDTX type of situation where a lot of holders will redeem and cause a squeeze when it eventually goes live

JD1124 posted at 2023-06-14T16:42:55Z

$BTWN I think this is not running because there is risk deal may not go through. I can see the China US relations getting in the middle of this deal. But I think Thiel ingenuity will get this done. MNY at $200m is a great deal IMO

Superkid79 posted at 2023-06-12T16:25:14Z

$BTWN All, this crap is only a Win for Li and Thiel.. end of discussion.. ya will know later this year.

ChartMill posted at 2023-06-12T06:49:00Z

$BTWN: Both the short term and long term trends are positive. This is a very positive sign.

nytrader60 posted at 2023-06-09T22:42:58Z

$BTWN Started liquidating. Dropped 2,000 shares. 3,600 more to go. Working through several accounts.

JD1124 posted at 2023-06-09T18:01:38Z

$BTWN someone wants 55000 of your warrants but he doesn’t want to pay for them!

JD1124 posted at 2023-06-08T00:30:09Z

$BTWN warrants

JD1124 posted at 2023-06-08T00:26:33Z


Anyberg posted at 2023-06-07T13:36:35Z

$BTWN $NRDS Has anyone done a comparison of value on this one? Nerdwallet vs MoneyHero?

BigBallerDaddy88 posted at 2023-06-07T00:41:16Z

$BTWN hard to believe actually ppl invest their money into this garbage lol 🤣🤣

traderNo1 posted at 2023-06-06T22:51:17Z

$BTWN ‘….. In return for their agreement not to redeem shares in connection with the SPAC’s proposed acquisition of MoneyHero, the FWD parties would be paid an annual return of 5% on their shares in the combined company. The FWD parties would also be compensated for any if it sells shares for less than $10. In both cases, the compensation would last five years….’ Seems Richard Li is protecting his ass with the shareholder’s money. Basically, he puts his money into another pocket (5% from Bridgetown to FWD) in case if the stock does not perform well. Upto 25% of the money from BTWN to FWD. FWD is basically Li’s company and BTWN is occupied by 50% from Li.

JD1124 posted at 2023-06-06T16:52:17Z

$BTWN this deal was made with the approval of Thiel. And one thing is for sure, Thiel is not a moron

traderNo1 posted at 2023-06-06T04:50:22Z

$BTWN if the merger valuation is correct, it has to go up now. Not going up now means, at best, the valuation is correct or waiting to be down as soon as they are listed.

nytrader60 posted at 2023-06-05T21:44:25Z

$BTWN I am going to ha e a drink to calm down. This is like so absurd. It’s even a stupid name. Be back later.

nytrader60 posted at 2023-06-05T21:38:23Z

$BTWN I am pissed. Wasted so much time. I am breaking furniture mad!!! Fucking MoneyHero!!! GTFOH

nytrader60 posted at 2023-06-05T21:30:32Z

$BTWN I hope this deal falls through fast. WTF is Thiel thinking?? Money Hero does not make money nor will they ever. Look at their fucking website. This must be to allow Li to get out of Money Hero with minimal losses. I am not staying to go through this shit

nytrader60 posted at 2023-06-05T21:23:34Z

$BTWN Holy shit! “A financial product comparison platform”?? That shit makes no money. ThDg info is free all over the Internet. I have to bow out.

nytrader60 posted at 2023-06-05T21:17:49Z

$BTWN Wait a minute! MoneyHero is not profitable?? Why would we do something like that?? Can anyone answer what’s good about this??

JD1124 posted at 2023-06-05T20:43:27Z

$BTWN love the warrant drop to $0.21…I just converted my IRA account to Roth…meaning all profits now are TAX free! Let’s go Peter…let’s go! Make it rain!

nytrader60 posted at 2023-06-05T20:30:06Z

$BTWN going to rain money here soon enough. I say pre merge it hits $21-$23. Post merge upwards of $65.

whammyyy posted at 2023-06-05T19:37:28Z

$BTWN This bullshit with a link to sign up for a email newsletter is worth $342 million. …ok

Itay1020 posted at 2023-06-05T16:51:56Z

$BTWN I hold 2350 shares at average price of 11.4 Really debating whether to sell at a loss or wait for the merger. I'm afraid that the stock will fall after the merger. Is there any chance that the stock will move at all while it is still a spac?

GS1811 posted at 2023-06-03T15:45:42Z

$BTWN New phone who dis?.....MNY

JD1124 posted at 2023-06-02T17:16:34Z

$BTWN slowly taking your warrants. Hold

GS1811 posted at 2023-06-02T04:21:38Z


JD1124 posted at 2023-06-01T00:11:46Z

$BTWN just hold your warrants…Li will get this done…

NonyaBIzniss posted at 2023-05-31T15:25:33Z

$BTWN Slow climb back to $25.

JD1124 posted at 2023-05-31T12:21:59Z

$BTWN I say tomorrow warrants will be trending!

JD1124 posted at 2023-05-30T20:01:38Z

$BTWN 303k warrants sold and is down 11%. who the heck is selling? Clearly someone wants them


Our Management Team Our management team is led by Daniel Wong, our Chief Executive Officer. Chief Financial Officer and a Director, and Matt Danzeisen, our Chairman, who have decades of experience investing in ventures and building companies with operations. Daniel Wong, our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and a Director is a Senior Vice President with Pacific Century. He leads corporate finance (equity and debt), venture investment, and major mergers and acquisitions at Pacific Century, including in respect of its portfolio companies such as FWD (an Asian life insurance company, majority owned by Pacific Century) and PineBridge (a multi-asset manager managing $96 billion worldwide as of March 2020, majority-owned by Pacific Century, with a minority interest owned by PineBridge management and employees). Mr. Wong was a Senior Managing Director and a member of the Executive Committee of PineBridge from 2015 to 2016. Prior to joining Pacific Century, Mr. Wong was a manager with the Corporate Finance division of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Hong Kong office. Pacific Century established FWD through the acquisition of ING’s insurance assets in Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand for $2.1 billion in 2013. Since then, Mr. Wong has raised $6.7 billion of private equity, bank loan and publicly traded fixed income instruments for FWD. Mr. Wong is a board member of Tokopedia, one of Indonesia’s leading e-commerce marketplaces. He led the Series D investment in Tokopedia on behalf of Pacific Century. He is an investor representative of Tiki, one of Vietnam’s leading B2C e-commerce marketplaces. He led the Series D investment in Tiki on behalf of Pacific Century. He is also a board member of CompareAsia group, a financial comparison site in Southeast Asia, and one of the top Fintech startups based in Hong Kong. Mr. Wong led the Series E investment in Chegg (NYSE: CHGG) and was one of Chegg’s board members prior to its public listing. Mr. Wong is also the Chairman and the single largest shareholder of QooApp, a global anime game platform with close to 6.5 million monthly active users worldwide as of April 2020. Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund is a shareholder of QooApp. Mr. Wong has been a shareholder and subsequently a director of Manner Culture Enterprises (微辣文化集團), a leading online Cantonese content producer with close to 5 million followers on social media and 1 billion viewers. Matt Danzeisen, the Chairman of our board of directors, is Head of Private Investments at Thiel Capital, with a primary focus on investments in private companies and funds in the U.S. and Asia. At Thiel Capital, Mr. Danzeisen has developed and led a strategy focused on making debt and equity investments in innovative financial technology companies, funding some of the leading companies in this space and serving on the board of directors of three of them: Trumid Holdings, LLC, an electronic bond trading platform; Artivest Holdings, Inc., an alternative investment platform for retail investors and their advisors; and Coru Holdings Limited, a financial management platform for individuals. Mr. Danzeisen also cofounded Crescendo Equity Partners Limited, or Crescendo, a private equity firm based in South Korea, while at Thiel Capital. Crescendo has raised and deployed over $550 million throughout South Korea and Southeast Asia in companies with a technology supply-chain focus. Mr. Danzeisen serves as a member of Crescendo’s investment committee and as the firm’s representative to selected portfolio companies. Prior to joining Thiel Capital and its predecessor firm, Clarium Capital Management, Mr. Danzeisen was a Vice President and Portfolio Manager at BlackRock in its fixed income division and an investment banker at Banc of America Securities. Samuel “Sam” Altman will serve on our board of directors following the completion of this offering. Mr. Altman is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of OpenAI, an AI research and deployment company. Previously, he was the President of Y Combinator, a leading startup accelerator which has invested billions of dollars into thousands of startups around the world. In addition to his work at Y Combinator, he has been an active investor in dozens of startups, and currently serves on the boards of Reddit, Expedia, Helion and Oklo. John R. “Jay” Hass will serve on our board of directors following the completion of this offering. Mr. Hass is a Partner at RRE Ventures, a leading U.S. venture capital investment firm. At RRE, he is responsible for a number of business and strategy functions including collaboration with RRE’s portfolio companies on business development and corporate development, investor relations, and new product development. Prior to joining RRE, Mr. Hass spent 22 years at Brown Brothers Harriman, or BBH, where he served as a Managing Director. At BBH, he established and managed BBH’s Alternative Investments Group, which encompassed private equity, hedge, Asian equity and real estate funds with assets of $1.3 billion and 5 approximately 1,300 limited partners. Prior to BBH, Mr. Hass was a consultant in national politics and was a brand manager at Ted Bates Advertising. In addition to his RRE duties, Mr. Hass serves as an advisor to Raftr, Inc. and DecodeM; and is a member of the Tech: NYC Leadership Council. Mr. Hass is a former independent director of the Cheetah Korea Value Fund and the J.P. Morgan China Region Fund, Inc. He is a board member emeritus of the Tory Burch Foundation. In Joon Hwang will serve on our board of directors following the completion of this offering. He is Chief Financial Officer, and a director of, LINE Corporation (NYSE:LN), a developer of mobile applications and internet services. He also serves as a member of the board of several LINE Corporation subsidiaries and affiliate companies, including Line Plus, Line Financials, Line Financial Puls, Line Ventures and Line Taiwan Bank Limited. He is Co-Chief Executive Officer of Line Ventures and Chairman of Line Taiwan Bank Limited, which is scheduled to be launched in November 2020. Previously, Mr. Hwang served in several roles at NAVER Corporation (KRX:035420), a development company which operates the Korean search engine Naver, including as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining NAVER Corporation, Mr. Hwang served in several roles at Woori Investment & Securities Co., Ltd., Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd., Samsung Securities Co., Ltd., Credit Suisse and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The past performance of our management team or of Pacific Century, Thiel Capital or PineBridge or their respective affiliates or related entities is not a guarantee either (i) of success with respect to any business combination we may consummate or (ii) that we will be able to identify a suitable candidate for our initial business combination. Additionally, in the course of their respective careers, our founders and members of our management team and/or their respective affiliates or related entities (including but not limited to Pacific Century, Thiel Capital, PineBridge and their respective affiliates and related entities), have been involved in businesses and deals that were unsuccessful. None of our management team nor Pacific Century, Thiel Capital or PineBridge or their respective officers, directors, employees or affiliates, has had management experience with special purpose acquisition corporations in the past. You should not rely on the historical records or performance of any of the parties listed above as indicative of our future performance. For more information on the experience and background of our management team, see the section entitled “Management”. Business Strategy Our business strategy is to identify and consummate an initial business combination with a company with operations or prospects in the Southeast Asian new economy sector. We intend to focus on companies that complement the experience of our management team and that can benefit from the management team’s operational expertise. Our selection process will leverage our management team’s and our sponsor’s broad and deep network of relationships, industry expertise and proven deal-sourcing capabilities, providing us with a strong pipeline of potential targets. Our management and sponsor have experience in: ➤ investing and building businesses in the financial services and technology sectors with unique market, policy and macroeconomic insights; ➤ managing and operating companies, setting and changing strategies, and identifying, mentoring and recruiting top-notch talent; ➤ developing and growing companies, both organically and inorganically, and expanding the product ranges and geographic footprints of portfolio businesses; ➤ executing merger and acquisition strategies to accelerate growth and create integrated value chains; ➤ sourcing, structuring, acquiring and selling businesses in various markets; ➤ partnering with other industry-leading companies to increase sales and improve the competitive position of companies; ➤ fostering relationships with users, sellers, capital providers and target management teams; and ➤ accessing the capital markets, including capital sources in Asia and America, across various business cycles, including financing businesses and assisting companies with the transition to public ownership. 6 Business Combination Criteria Consistent with our business strategy, we have identified the following general criteria and guidelines that we believe are important in evaluating prospective target businesses. We will use these criteria and guidelines in evaluating acquisition opportunities, though we may decide to enter into our initial business combination with a target business that does not meet these criteria and guidelines. ➤ Companies with operations or prospects in the Southeast Asian new economy sectors. Based upon our management team’s experience, we believe we will have increased access to investment opportunities and a competitive advantage in our ability to negotiate a business combination with potential targets in the Southeast Asian new economy. Our management team’s extensive experience and network of contacts provide them with an opportunity to source a target, evaluate a target, consummate a business combination with the target and help grow the target’s business. ➤ Strong target management teams. We intend to acquire one or more businesses that have strong management teams with a proven track record of driving growth, building long-term competitive advantage and making sound strategic decisions. ➤ Fundamentally sound companies that have the potential to further improve their performance under our ownership. We believe our management team’s experience in our target sectors as well as their network of industry contacts will create opportunities to enhance the revenue and operational efficiencies of the target business, and potentially generate higher returns for our investors. ➤ Market leader. We intend to seek a target that has a leading presence across an industry or segment or has leading technology or product capabilities. ➤ Appropriate valuations. We intend to be a disciplined and valuation-centric investor that will invest on terms that we believe are attractive relative to market comparables that provide significant upside potential. These criteria are not intended to be exhaustive. Any evaluation relating to the merits of a particular initial business combination may be based on these general guidelines as well as other considerations, factors and criteria that our management may deem relevant. In the event that we decide to enter into a business combination with a target business that does not meet the above criteria and guidelines, we will disclose that the target business does not meet the above criteria in our shareholder communications related to our initial business combination, which, as discussed in this prospectus, would be in the form of proxy solicitation or tender offer materials, as applicable, that we would file with the SEC. Our Business Combination Process In evaluating a prospective target business, we expect to conduct a thorough due diligence review that will encompass, among other things, meetings with incumbent management and employees, document reviews, interviews of customers and suppliers, inspection of facilities, as well as reviewing financial and other information that will be made available to us. We will also utilize our operational and capital allocation experience. Our acquisition criteria, due diligence processes and value creation methods are not intended to be exhaustive. Any evaluation relating to the merits of a particular initial business combination may be based, to the extent relevant, on these general guidelines as well as other considerations, factors and criteria that our management may deem relevant. In the event that we decide to enter into our initial business combination with a target business that does not meet the above criteria and guidelines, we will disclose that the target business does not meet the above criteria in our shareholder communications related to our initial business combination, which, as discussed in this prospectus, would be in the form of tender offer documents or proxy solicitation materials that we would file with the SEC. 7 Sourcing of Potential Business Combination Targets We believe that the operational and transactional experience of our management team and members of our sponsor and their respective affiliates and related entities and the relationships they have developed as a result of such experience, will provide us with a substantial number of potential business combination targets. These individuals and entities have developed a broad network of contacts and corporate relationships around the world. This network has grown through sourcing, acquiring and financing businesses and maintaining relationships with sellers, financing sources and target management teams. Our management team and members of our sponsor and their respective affiliates and related entities have significant experience in executing transactions under varying economic and financial market conditions. We believe that these networks of relationships and this experience will provide us with important sources of investment opportunities. In addition, we anticipate that target business candidates may be brought to our attention from various unaffiliated sources, including investment market participants, private equity funds and large business enterprises seeking to divest noncore assets or divisions. We currently anticipate that PineBridge may, from time to time, assist us in the identification of assets or companies that may be appropriate acquisition targets, and while we may also draw upon PineBridge’s platforms, infrastructure, personnel, network and relationships to provide access to deal prospects, along with any necessary resources to aid in the identification, diligence, and fundraising of a target for the initial business combination, none of PineBridge, Pacific Century or Thiel Capital is obligated to identify any such target assets or companies or to perform due diligence on any acquisition targets. Any such activities are solely the responsibility of our management team. We are not prohibited from pursuing an initial business combination with a business combination target that is affiliated with our sponsor, officers or directors (or their respective affiliates or related entities) or making the acquisition through a joint venture or other form of shared ownership with our sponsor, officers or directors (or their respective affiliates or related entities). In the event we seek to complete our initial business combination with a company that is affiliated with our sponsor, officers or directors (or their respective affiliates or related entities), we, or a committee of independent directors, will obtain an opinion from an independent investment banking firm or another independent firm that commonly renders valuation opinions for the type of company we are seeking to acquire or an independent accounting firm that our initial business combination is fair to our company from a financial point of view. We are not required to obtain such an opinion in any other context. As more fully discussed in “Management—Conflicts of Interest,” if any of our officers or directors becomes aware of a business combination opportunity that falls within the line of business of any entity to which he or she has then-current fiduciary or contractual obligations, he or she may be required to present such business combination opportunity to such entity prior to presenting such business combination opportunity to us, subject to his or her fiduciary duties under Cayman Islands law. Our officers and directors currently have certain relevant fiduciary duties or contractual obligations that may take priority over their duties to us. Other Acquisition Considerations In addition to our sponsor, members of our management team may directly or indirectly own our ordinary shares and/or private placement warrants following this offering, and, accordingly, may have a conflict of interest in determining whether a particular target business is an appropriate business with which to effectuate our initial business combination. Further, each of our officers and directors may have a conflict of interest with respect to evaluating a particular business combination if the retention or resignation of any such officers and directors was included by a target business as a condition to any agreement with respect to our initial business combination. Each of our directors and officers presently has, and in the future any of our directors and our officers may have additional, fiduciary or contractual obligations to other entities pursuant to which such officer or director is or will be required to present acquisition opportunities to such entity. Accordingly, subject to his or her fiduciary duties under Cayman Islands law, if any of our officers or directors becomes aware of an acquisition opportunity which is suitable for an entity to which he or she has then current fiduciary or contractual obligations, he or she will need to honor his or her fiduciary or contractual obligations to present such acquisition opportunity to such entity, and only present it to us if such entity rejects the opportunity. Our amended and restated memorandum and articles of association will provide that, subject 8 to his or her fiduciary duties under Cayman Islands law, no director or officer shall be disqualified or prevented from contracting with the company nor shall any contract or transaction entered into by or on behalf of the company in which any director shall have an interest be liable to be avoided. A director shall be at liberty to vote in respect of any contract or transaction in which he is interested provided that the nature of such interest shall be disclosed at or prior to its consideration or any vote thereon by the board of directors. We do not believe, however, that any fiduciary duties or contractual obligations of our directors or officers would materially undermine our ability to complete our business combination. In addition, while Pacific Century is an equity owner of PineBridge, Pacific Century does not control the investment activities of PineBridge or its sponsored funds. Any assistance that PineBridge may provide to us, will be subject to, among other things, PineBridge’s internal policies and procedures, applicable laws, contractual obligations to third parties and PineBridge’s fiduciary obligations to its clients. PineBridge will be under no obligation to provide us with any assistance or to present us with any opportunity for a potential business combination of which they become aware. Certain of our officers and directors are employed by or affiliated with

Holder Stats

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% of Shares Held by All Insider 0.00%
% of Shares Held by Institutions 13.03%
% of Float Held by Institutions 13.03%
Number of Institutions Holding Shares 34

Mutual Fund Holders

Holder Shares Date Reported Value % Out
Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index Fund 70587 2023-02-27 707987 0.4699999999999999
Fidelity NASDAQ Composite Index ETF 36930 2023-03-30 372069 0.24
Tidal ETF Tr-Robinson Alternative Yield Pre-Merger SPAC ETF 28503 2023-01-30 285030 0.19
Investment Managers Ser Tr-Robinson Opportunistic Income Fd 6705 2022-12-30 66446 0.04

Institutional Holders

Reporting Date Hedge Fund Shares Held Market Value % of Portfolio Quarterly Change in Shares Ownership in Company
2023-05-23 Toroso Investments LLC 35,000 $350,000 0.0% +40.0% 0.117%
2023-05-18 SkyView Investment Advisors LLC 64,269 $650,000 0.2% 0 0.214%
2023-05-16 Hudson Bay Capital Management LP 350,000 $3,520,000 0.0% 0 1.168%
2023-05-15 Deutsche Bank AG 98,564 $990,000 0.0% 0 0.329%
2023-05-15 Boothbay Fund Management LLC 41,298 $420,000 0.0% -11.6% 0.138%
2023-05-12 Clear Street LLC 7,613 $77,000 0.0% -51.5% 0.025%
2023-05-12 UBS Group AG 4,967 $50,000 0.0% -36.5% 0.017%
2023-05-10 Robinson Capital Management LLC 67,250 $680,000 0.3% +57.5% 0.224%
2023-05-09 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public School Empls Retrmt SYS 100,000 $1,010,000 0.0% 0 0.334%
2023-02-15 Toroso Investments LLC 25,000 $250,000 0.0% 0 0.083%
2023-02-15 Mangrove Partners 295,400 $2,930,000 0.2% 0 0.986%
2023-02-15 Meteora Capital LLC 284,240 $2,820,000 0.6% -70.0% 0.948%
2023-02-15 Morgan Stanley 7,642 $76,000 0.0% +36.2% 0.025%
2023-02-15 Boothbay Fund Management LLC 46,699 $460,000 0.0% -88.7% 0.156%
2023-02-14 Susquehanna International Group LLP 57,301 $570,000 0.0% -92.1% 0.191%
2023-02-14 CSS LLC IL 13,966 $140,000 0.0% -77.0% 0.047%
2023-02-13 Clear Street LLC 15,689 $160,000 0.0% 0 0.052%
2023-02-13 Picton Mahoney Asset Management 14,780 $150,000 0.0% 0 0.049%
2023-02-13 Geode Capital Management LLC 106,637 $1,060,000 0.0% +3.8% 0.356%
2023-02-08 UBS Group AG 7,816 $77,000 0.0% -56.1% 0.026%
2022-12-06 Weiss Asset Management LP 457,955 $4,590,000 0.1% +358.9% 1.528%
2022-12-05 Weiss Asset Management LP 457,955 $4,590,000 0.1% +358.9% 1.528%
2022-11-16 Jane Street Group LLC 175,004 $1,760,000 0.0% +43.3% 0.235%
2022-11-16 Maso Capital Partners Ltd 258,661 $2,600,000 1.0% -13.8% 0.348%
2022-11-16 BNP Paribas Arbitrage SNC 344,472 $3,460,000 0.0% 0 0.463%
2022-11-15 Trexquant Investment LP 14,199 $140,000 0.0% -17.4% 0.019%
2022-11-15 Prelude Capital Management LLC 657,447 $6,600,000 0.2% -9.0% 0.884%
2022-11-15 First Trust Capital Management L.P. 906,349 $9,100,000 0.4% -0.2% 1.219%
2022-11-15 Bulldog Investors LLP 100,820 $1,010,000 0.3% -6.9% 0.136%
2022-11-14 Royal Bank of Canada 10,271 $100,000 0.0% -46.0% 0.014%
2022-11-14 Glazer Capital LLC 3,861,580 $38,750,000 0.7% +143.9% 5.192%
2022-11-14 Boothbay Fund Management LLC 411,808 $4,130,000 0.1% -4.2% 0.554%
2022-11-14 HBK Investments L P 192,500 $1,930,000 0.0% -34.7% 0.259%
2022-11-14 UBS Oconnor LLC 339,067 $3,400,000 0.1% -9.1% 0.456%
2022-11-10 Tower Research Capital LLC TRC 6,498 $65,000 0.0% +1,587.8% 0.009%
2022-11-10 Bank of Montreal Can 300,000 $3,010,000 0.0% -50.7% 0.403%
2022-11-10 UBS Group AG 17,800 $180,000 0.0% +80.5% 0.024%
2022-11-08 Periscope Capital Inc. 1,754,119 $17,600,000 0.5% +18.6% 2.359%
2022-11-07 Virtu Financial LLC 53,510 $540,000 0.0% 0 0.072%
2022-10-25 Cutler Group LLC CA 7,934 $79,000 0.0% -16.8% 0.011%
2022-10-24 Mizuho Markets Americas LLC 1,459,666 $14,650,000 0.6% 0 1.963%
2022-10-24 Mizuho Securities USA LLC 414,839 $4,150,000 0.6% 0 0.558%
2022-10-19 FNY Investment Advisers LLC 6,400 $64,000 0.0% -19.0% 0.009%
2022-08-30 Verition Fund Management LLC 194,195 $1,930,000 0.0% -34.2% 0.261%
2022-08-24 Prelude Capital Management LLC 722,712 $7,170,000 0.2% -14.2% 0.972%
2022-08-19 Walleye Capital LLC 49,900 $500,000 0.0% +66.9% 0.067%
2022-08-18 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 125,443 $1,240,000 0.0% +25.3% 0.169%
2022-08-17 Nomura Holdings Inc. 1,490,906 $14,780,000 0.1% +37.9% 2.005%
2022-08-17 Centiva Capital LP 664,519 $6,590,000 0.1% +182.2% 0.893%
2022-08-16 Jane Street Group LLC 122,130 $1,210,000 0.0% +2.6% 0.164%
2022-08-16 CSS LLC IL 68,359 $680,000 0.0% -12.6% 0.092%
2022-08-16 Centiva Capital LP 664,519 $6,590,000 0.2% +182.2% 0.894%
2022-08-16 Dark Forest Capital Management LP 189,544 $1,880,000 0.4% +121.2% 0.255%
2022-08-15 Berkley W R Corp 1,025,919 $10,180,000 0.5% +43.0% 1.379%
2022-08-15 Millennium Management LLC 3,051,290 $30,270,000 0.0% +35.3% 4.103%
2022-08-15 Nomura Holdings Inc. 1,490,906 $14,780,000 0.1% +37.9% 2.005%
2022-08-15 Bulldog Investors LLP 108,338 $1,080,000 0.3% -10.1% 0.146%
2022-08-15 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. 787,899 $7,820,000 0.1% +3.3% 1.059%
2022-08-12 Sculptor Capital LP 4,320,934 $42,860,000 0.5% +5.2% 5.810%
2022-08-11 Toronto Dominion Bank 150,286 $1,490,000 0.0% +15.4% 0.202%
2022-08-11 Trexquant Investment LP 17,190 $170,000 0.0% 0 0.023%
2022-08-11 UBS Group AG 9,859 $98,000 0.0% +144.0% 0.013%
2022-08-11 Bank of Montreal Can 608,400 $6,040,000 0.0% +508.4% 0.818%
2022-08-08 Walleye Capital LLC 49,900 $500,000 0.0% +66.9% 0.067%
2022-08-08 Walleye Trading LLC 311,802 $3,090,000 0.0% -66.1% 0.419%
2022-07-18 Deltec Asset Management LLC 134,700 $1,340,000 0.3% -62.1% 0.181%
2022-06-07 Bank of America Corp DE 134,200 $1,320,000 0.0% +126.7% 0.180%
2022-05-27 Walleye Capital LLC 29,900 $300,000 0.0% 0 0.040%
2022-05-20 Sculptor Capital LP 4,107,800 $40,500,000 0.3% +127.2% 5.523%
2022-05-20 Toroso Investments LLC 72,007 $710,000 0.0% +2.7% 0.097%
2022-05-18 Nomura Holdings Inc. 1,081,222 $10,680,000 0.0% +350.5% 1.454%
2022-05-17 Walleye Capital LLC 29,900 $300,000 0.0% 0 0.040%
2022-05-17 Walleye Trading LLC 919,770 $9,070,000 0.0% +3.5% 1.237%
2022-05-17 Jane Street Group LLC 119,026 $1,170,000 0.0% -41.6% 0.160%
2022-05-17 Glazer Capital LLC 107,820 $1,060,000 0.0% +20.1% 0.145%
2022-05-17 Polar Asset Management Partners Inc. 174,000 $1,720,000 0.0% 0 0.234%
2022-05-17 Royal Bank of Canada 106,909 $1,050,000 0.0% +1,256.2% 0.144%
2022-05-17 Radcliffe Capital Management L.P. 1,301,076 $12,830,000 0.3% +5,411.2% 1.749%
2022-05-16 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 100,075 $990,000 0.0% 0 0.135%
2022-05-16 Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. 762,694 $7,410,000 0.1% 0 1.025%
2022-05-16 Rivernorth Capital Management LLC 300,000 $2,960,000 0.1% +140.0% 0.403%
2022-05-16 Berkley W R Corp 717,440 $7,070,000 0.4% +58.0% 0.965%
2022-05-16 RP Investment Advisors LP 800,000 $7,890,000 1.1% -27.4% 1.076%
2022-05-16 Prelude Capital Management LLC 842,438 $8,310,000 0.2% -11.2% 1.133%
2022-05-16 UBS Group AG 4,041 $40,000 0.0% -65.1% 0.005%
2022-05-16 Hsbc Holdings PLC 1,613,737 $15,930,000 0.0% 0 2.170%
2022-05-13 Sculptor Capital LP 4,107,800 $40,500,000 0.5% +127.2% 5.523%
2022-05-13 Penserra Capital Management LLC 6,581 $64,000 0.0% -42.4% 0.009%
2022-05-13 Cohanzick Management LLC 12,209 $120,000 0.0% +981.4% 0.016%
2022-05-13 Dakota Wealth Management 53,300 $530,000 0.0% 0 0.072%
2022-05-12 BlackRock Inc. 4,361 $43,000 0.0% 0 0.006%
2022-05-12 Bank of Montreal Can 100,000 $990,000 0.0% -40.3% 0.134%
2022-05-11 JPMorgan Chase & Co. 149,999 $1,480,000 0.0% -45.5% 0.202%
2022-05-10 Privium Fund Management UK Ltd 51,000 $500,000 0.3% 0 0.069%
2022-05-09 Toronto Dominion Bank 130,286 $1,290,000 0.0% 0 0.175%
2022-05-09 Qube Research & Technologies Ltd 27,891 $280,000 0.0% -13.6% 0.038%
2022-05-05 Vazirani Asset Management LLC 200,000 $1,970,000 1.7% -33.3% 0.269%
2022-05-04 Formidable Asset Management LLC 72,007 $710,000 0.1% +2.7% 0.097%
2022-05-04 Nan Fung Trinity HK Ltd. 215,900 $2,130,000 0.4% +9.7% 0.290%
2022-05-02 Levin Capital Strategies L.P. 119,555 $1,180,000 0.1% -38.5% 0.161%

SEC Filings

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